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Street Style: Rock USA 2011

I am so excited about this segment. To kick it off, I found three beautiful ladies all dressed very differently, but all looking fantastic. I’m going to share their photos in the order that I found them.

This is Courtney. I spotted her and was instantly in love with her look. I just love how she paired a red cardigan with a printed dress. Most would automatically go for a black or white cardigan to stay with the color scheme of the dress, but Courtney added color. She wore flat, comfy boots, which go perfect with her look. This look can be carried over into fall as well.

This is Shanna. Her white shorts add a touch of feminine to her outfit. Her jacket is actually made out of cotton. It’s edgy and trendy, and can go with almost anything. I love how she did layering and how she did whites. White is a hard color to style, and Shanna did it perfectly. Her hair is fun and fresh, and a gorgeous color for her skin tone.

This is Kelly. I first noticed her amazing necklace and bracelet, and then her awesome shoes. She is mixing several trends and does it perfectly. Her sweater is a bit loose and can follow the boyfriend sweater trend, her jeans have the destroyed look, her shoes are feminine and classic, and her jewelry is funky and fun. She looks comfortable and relaxed. She can go anywhere in this outfit. Her accessories – jewelry, belt and shoes – all follow the same color, and the outfit looks put together. She even rolled her jeans up a bit!

All three of these ladies have very different looks, and all three of them look fabulous. What a great way to start off Street Style! Thank you Courtney, Shanna and Kelly. I appreciate you letting me take your photo and sharing it with the world!


This is Laura. I loved how she was wearing a light pink dress and then used black for everything else. She let the dress stand on it’s own, and it really stood out. She also matched her shoes to her dress.



This is Lori. I spotted her awesome striped dress and then noticed her belt and flats. She went with the dress and used only black and white for accessories, and it looked gorgeous. Her earrings matched her necklace, her necklace matched the black stripes, and her belt and flats matched the white in the dress. This look is very put together and chic. Her dress is from Forever 21, and she bought it recently – which means you can still get it!


Thank you Laura and Lori for letting me photograph you!


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