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Q&A With Rhett

I would like to answer some commonly asked questions in this section. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to ask!

1. Who is Rhett?

Rhett originated from Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind. It’s my favorite novel of all time. I received two kittens as a gift three years ago, and I named mine Rhett. Rhett the cat is a huge part of my life. He is always by me and is 100% my cat. When I started the blog, I wanted a name that stood out and flowed. I was thinking out loud and I said to Rhett, “what should I name my blog?” He meowed, and the blog was born.

2. What Inspires You?

Everything! I have always loved colors. My pictures in school were filled with colors. I mix and match, I look at other people, other blogs, and websites. I get fashion advice from not only my mom, but my boyfriend Sean, and my dad. Sean helps me pick out a lot of my outfits. He’s my favorite shopping partner. I will have outfits pop into my head randomly, or suddenly need to go on the hunt for a new piece for my collection.

3. What Made You Start Rhett’s?

I have been told for a long time that I should be in fashion. After hearing this for years and years, I decided that maybe all those people were on to something. When I launched Rhett’s on July 4th, 2011, I didn’t expect this amazing response and support. It is absolutely amazing to interact with so many people from all over the world!

4. Does Rhett’s Have A Goal?

Yes! I want to help women grow in their personal style and help them realize that their fashion is their own. Not everyone is going to like what you wear. As long as you feel fabulous, then you did something right.

5. What’s Your Real Name?

My real name is Andrea. I’m 26 years old, a Libra, and from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, United States of America. I now live in Glen Burnie, Maryland, which is about thirty minutes outside of Baltimore. I live with my boyfriend Sean.

6. Do You Have Any Other Talents?

I wouldn’t call them talents necessarily, but I am a very fast learner. I consider my brain to be my best asset. I’ve been known to rip apart a car wearing a dress and stilettos. I love to paint. I’m an avid gamer and spend ours with an XBOX 360 controller in my hand.

7. What Is Your Favorite Thing About Fashion Blogging?

Wow, this is a hard one. I think seeing all of the positive comments from everyone, and knowing that I’m inspiring women to grow in their personal styles. When someone comments that they like my outfit or ideas, I know I’m doing something right.

8. What Is Something You Don’t Like About Fashion Blogging?

Honestly, I really love it all.

9. What Is Your Favorite Piece In Your Collection?

This is easy. My shoes. I collect shoes and have around 130 pair taking over my bedroom. I am blessed to have a boyfriend that encourages my shoe addiction rather than frowns upon it. He even helps me pick out my next pair! I also have a leather jacket that I’ve had since I was 14. I am always wearing it and it’s like a second skin to me.

10. What Is Your Worst Fashion Mistake?

Leggings with leg warmers in the summer. I look at those pictures and have no idea what I was thinking. Also, anything I wore in the 90’s.

11. Are You Really This Nice?

I am. I don’t believe in being mean or negative to people at all. I absolutely refuse to put people down for their outfits, but if I think they should change something, I’ll let them know. There is a nice way to do things. This world is so focused on being “tough” and it’s ruining what classy is supposed to be.

12. What Makes You Different From Other Fashion Bloggers – There Are So Many!

Indeed there are! What sets me aside is I shop everywhere. Nowhere is too cheap or too expensive for me. You’ll find that I am a major thrift store shopper, though. I also hit the clearance racks before I even begin to look at the new merchandise in the stores. I will never lie to you about what I paid for an item. When I get something new, I will always provide either a link to the item or find something similar so you can purchase it yourself.

13. What If Women Copy Your Style?

Awesome! I honestly don’t mind if someone copies a Rhett outfit. That means I inspired someone to try something new, and that’s exactly what Rhett’s is about.

14. What Is Something That Would Surprise Us To Know About You?

Ready for this one? I have 35 diseases, disorders, and syndromes. I am literally one of the sickest people in America. I’ve had studies done on me all over the world in major medical communities. 17 of my medical issues are autoimmune, which means that I am always, always sick. I am in the top 1% in the country with most of my issues. Unfortunately, my entire body, inside and out, is affected by this. I refuse to let my medical problems rule my life, and you’ll see that in the blog. My weight will fluctuate a bit from different medications, but that’s all you’ll see of it. I have a very positive outlook and want others that are like me to know that even though you are sick, there is so much more to life.

15.What Do You Do For Work?

I’m a stay at home girlfriend. My health is extremely unpredictable and it’s hard for me to hold down a job. I absolutely HATE not being able to work like other people. I’m very blessed to be with a man that understands this part of me and doesn’t pressure me to get a job. So, I guess you could say that Rhett’s is my job.

If there are any questions you’d like me to add to this, feel free to let me know! I am an open book and love to hear from you!

Stay Sweet,



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