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Hi everyone, I’m Rhett. That’s not my real name, of course. I’m dating the most amazing guy in the world. His name is Sean, and he’s my rock.

Sean and I in Ocean City, MD, playing mini golf on the border of Maryland and Delaware.

I haven’t been into fashion my entire life. It started around the time I was 18 with a pair of shoes. I got a compliment on my outfit, which was a first for me. I started dressing nicer. I bought my first ever fashion magazine, and stopped skipping over the fashion sections in Cosmo and Glamour. Fashion just came very easy to me, but I had no idea why at the time. What I bought lasted years with the trends. I could take one shirt and make several outfits out of it. It’s like I’d been doing styling forever.

It didn’t make sense to me until I started looking at pictures of my parents when they were dating in the 70’s and then after they got married in 1979. At first I did a double take: how did I get into a photo from 1973? I looked closer. It was my mom! She was 18 years old, and wearing a gorgeous outfit. Her hair was perfect and she just looked like a model. I started looking through more photos. My mom looked stunning in every single one! Now, you are going, “of course you’d say that. She’s your mom”. I assure you, no I wouldn’t. I don’t beat around the bush or give false praise. Every photo of her looked like it belonged in a fashion spread. And she looked absolutely effortless.

I then went back through the photos, since I had ignored my dad the first time. Even he looked great! Wow, I come from two fashion conscious parents. I couldn’t have gotten any luckier. My eye for style and picking trends before they come out all made sense now. It was in my genes. Thanks, guys!

I started shopping more. I bought my first pair of destroyed denim from HollisterCo, which I still have. I began messing with colors and shoes. I stayed away from jewelry, as everything I wear is all real and I was not comfortable adding in accessories yet. I even bought my first pair of real high heels. I went to Payless and hobbled around as the associate followed me so I didn’t fall and break my face. I took the pretty pink stiletto’s home and then tried to figure out what to wear them with. As a rule, I hated stiletto’s with jeans. I hated flip flops with jeans. I had a long way to go yet.

A year later, my closet was overflowing with color and fashion. I had about 10 pair of shoes, which for me, was a lot. My parents were commenting on how I dressed. My best friend was having me dress her every day. I was paying attention to sales and runways. Still, it didn’t occur to me that I belong in the fashion world. My heart has always belonged to nature and I wanted to do biology. So, I went to school. For Private Investigation. Waaaay out of left field, I know.

As I started getting more comfortable in fashion, people began complimenting me. It was very uncomfortable at first. I wasn’t used to compliments and didn’t take them easily. But I did start taking mental notes as to what they were complimenting. I went off of that with growing even more in my style.

Today, my favorite designer is Alexander McQueen, with Sarah Burton designing. His work is edgy and breaks all the boundaries, but is classic and timeless. His death was untimely and a true tragedy. I like Balmain, and adore everything Burberry. For shoes, the more colors and designs, the better. I love Giuseppi Zanotti and Gianmarco Lorenzi. I have also started collecting jewelry and am more comfortable mixing fun stuff with my diamonds. I love diamonds and had my first pair at 9 months old. I bought myself my first diamond solitaire ring when I was 17. I already had plenty of diamond rings but this was special, since I bought it.  I still wear it to this day on my right middle finger.

I now follow over 30 fashion sites, blogs and media releases. I subscribe to 10 magazines, all fashion related. I am always looking at people’s outfits for inspiration and to see what is popular. I don’t believe in only shopping in high end places. It’s a waste of time and money. I mix Wal-Mart with Banana Republic, Ann Taylor with Target. My shoes come from everywhere and anywhere. I love thrift stores. My favorite shopping partner is Diesel. He’s honest and has a great eye for clothes for me. We spend about 16 hours shopping each Black Friday. Diesel is very supportive of my fashion hobby and loves to be out in public with me. He’s a big show off.

I have things in fashion that I will always love. One is destroyed denim. I absolutely adore it and have never gotten rid of a pair of “holey” jeans. The higher the stiletto, the better. I’m known for my crazy shoes and being able to dance the night away in them. I have an Italian leather jacket that my mom bought me when I was 14 that I still wear nearly daily. It’s a huge part of me. I gravitate towards studs and spikes, and bright colors. I like to do things that most won’t be comfortable doing, just because I can. I like people to see that it IS possible if you just try. My hair is even part of my trademark. It’s bleach blonde and jet black. It resembles a skunk in a way, and is almost down to my butt. I have 6 tattoos, one of which is my husband’s real name and our wedding date. I have 6 piercings but only 4 of them are in due to my career. My mom is my biggest critic and fan, and I value her opinion more than anyone else. My dad is my hero in every sense of the word. I have zero secrets from them and we talk at least ten times a day. My husband, well, he’s my fascination, my reason for everything I do. I adore him. He’s my high school sweetheart and we’ve been together nearly a decade. We do everything together.

Although it may seem this way, fashion isn’t my entire life. I work full time as a Private Investigator, love the outdoors, bike rides, sport bikes, engines, nature, animals, science, astronomy, History, guns, ATV’s, getting dirty, video games and volunteering. Aside of my magazines and websites, I read around 5 novels a week, plus science journals and papers on several subjects. I also love game shows and random trivia.

My goal for Rhett’s is to help women everywhere be happy with who they are, and comfortable in their own style. I am truly blessed with the most wonderful fans – you! I appreciate every single person who follows my blog and Facebook page, and love to hear what everyone has to say, good or bad. Your opinion matters to me!

What makes me different from other fashion bloggers is that you will never see anything on the blog or Facebook page making fun of another person for their style. I don’t believe in judging. I don’t blog just to show you what I wear every day. I blog to help you grow in your own personal style and to be more comfortable with what you wear. A lot of my inspiration comes from the readers and fans. If you request a blog, I will write it for you. I’ll help you put the finishing touches on outfits, or find new outfits all together.

Feel free to ask me anything!

Stay Sweet,


Rhett as a kitten.

Rhett today, as a 26lb mass of fur and love.



  1. Thanks for the good words. Love you Dad

    Comment by dad | July 6, 2011 | Reply

    • I love you too Daddy 🙂

      Comment by rhett19 | July 6, 2011 | Reply

  2. I loved meeting you Rhett and reading your story. You need to find a way to reach out to the general public. I would love to hear your views on wearing costume jewelry with blue jeans and casual shirts.

    Comment by Teri | July 6, 2011 | Reply

    • I can certainly do that for you, Teri. Check back in a few days to see what Rhett has to say! Thank you for your support!

      Comment by rhett19 | July 6, 2011 | Reply

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