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Black & Red

I’ve been making an outfit list idea for awhile now. The problem is, they’re all fall outfit ideas. I’m not sure what my problem is lately, but I just couldn’t come up with an outfit for today. I’d bring clothes and shoes out of my closet, drop them on the bed in front of Sean, and he’d say, “too red,” too blue,” “why did you pick that color?” and so on. And, of course, he was right. Back into the closet I’d go to find another outfit.

This was last night.

I gave up.

Today, I walked into my closet and spotted a pair of shoes I hadn’t worn in awhile. My outfit was born! Nice, clean black and red. I trotted out of the closet and Sean had a huge smile on his face when he saw me. He loved my outfit too,

I love this outfit. It’s so simple, yet has a lot going on.

Tshirt: Express, Goodwill, $3.99

Shorts: Aeropostale, $7.99 on clearance

Belt: Forever21, $3.80

Heels: Iron Fist Rawr Power, Christmas Gift

Necklace: Vintage, my mom’s

Dog tag: Sean’s

Other jewelry: My everyday stuff

Stay Sweet,





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