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How to style khaki capri’s – work or play!

My friend Julie recently started a new job that requires her to wear khaki capri’s or khaki pants during the winter months. Julie came to me and asked me to help her style her khaki’s. Khaki’s are always a popular choice among women for dress wear, play wear and travel wear.

When wearing khaki capri’s or pants for work, you don’t want them to be uber tight. Looser is best in a work environment.
This is an example of too-tight bottoms for work:

Khaki capri’s:

Here are examples of longer capri’s, in between classic capri’s, pants and cigarette pants:

Khaki pants:

Now, what to wear with khaki’s? In Julie’s case, she has to wear a work shirt, which is navy blue:

Before I go into other tops, here are shoe ideas for outfits with navy blue tops and khaki pants:

You can never go wrong with a pair of Converse shoes, especially if you’re on your feet all day, every day.

Accessories: Belts are important in the workplace. You don’t want to have any oopsie moments!

Avoid black belts when wearing navy shirts. Belts serve more than one purpose (although the main one is holding up your pants!) Belts break up your outfit. I happen to like brown and navy together, and brown always goes with khaki. You can also opt for a white belt to tie in your Converse shoes.

What do you wear outside of work with khaki bottoms? I’m a huge fan of burgundy and maroon, as well as olive, black and brown. Avoid light colors such a white, pink, light blue, neon’s and other pastels. Light on light will make your outfit look washed out.

I love the look of thermals with khaki’s, which is great for winter.

Always make sure that your belt goes with your color scheme. Black shirt = black, silver or colored belt. Brown shirt = lighter brown, green, gold or white belt. When wearing colored shirts, pick the belt that best matches your color, or opt for a colored belt for a fun look.

Wedges look great with capri’s. They extend your legs and are easier to walk in then traditional heels. Just like belts, black shirts = black wedges, brown shirts = brown wedges, and when wearing a colored shirt, pick the best color wedge and belt that matches your shirt.

Where to buy:

Khaki’s – JC Penny, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, Marshall’s and Gordman’s are all great places to look. Check clearance racks first for great deals!

Shirts – Everywhere! I always recommend that you shop anywhere and every where.

Belts – A great place for belts are thrift stores and second-hand stores. They always have a huge selection.

Wedges – I love Journey’s, http://www.piperlime.com, http://www.gojane.com, Famous Footwear and Payless

Converse – Journey’s or http://www.converse.com

Khaki’s are a great investment. No matter where you work, they are almost always a suitable option, and they’re great for play as well.

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