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Flower Hair Clips!

Here and there, I’d seen girls of all ages wearing flowers in their hair. I thought it was cute, but my thoughts never went beyond that – until a friend of mine started making them.

Whitney started making flower hair clips on a whim. She posted a few photos to Facebook and I immediately fell in love with them and ordered a few. When I went to her house to pick them up, I got to see first hand her newest creations and what she planned on making in the future. We struck up a friendship, and I continued to buy her clips. In a little over a week, I’d bought nearly 40 clips from her in all different colors and styles. My friends started buying from her and making requests. It seemed that flower hair clips were taking off again!

After posting a few times on my Facebook page about my new obsession, Rhett followers began to share their love of these cool clips. This blog is dedicated to everyone that submitted photos for the blog, and to everyone else that loves flower clips.

How To Wear Flower Clips:

When you are feeling gloomy, icky or just not right, clip in a flower. It will brighten your mood and make you feel a lot better. I always match my clip to my outfit. Here is an example:

I loved the Miami Green, the color of my pumps. I found a dress to match, and then matched the jewelry to the shoes. I had a pretty little fuschia flower clip from Whitney that matched the fuschia in the dress perfectly, so I used it to tie the entire outfit together.

Flower clips can also put a little bit of color into a gloomy, rainy day.

Since I’m wearing black rain boots and a navy raincoat, I decided to go with a purple and yellow flower. It was cloudy and rainy, and the colors in the flower brightened the day up a bit.

I apologize for the sideways photos. Once again, they won’t flip. As you can see, I wear a flower with nearly every outfit. I also wear a flower for special photo shoots:

As I said earlier, many Rhett fans and followers love flower hair clips too.

Heather, wearing a flower by Whitney. Heather put her flower in the perfect place on her bun and is doing a fabulous job of showing off an effortless, chic look.

Lindsay and her adorable little girl wearing matching bows. Lindsay says that she has bows in every color! She matches her bow and her daughters bow daily with their outfits!

My beautiful sister in law, Molly. Molly wears flowers daily, and sometimes matches the color of her flower to her eye makeup. Molly is a very talented makeup artist.

Tania also makes flowers. Here she is matching her flower and her shirt. Her outfit is flowing very well!

Teresa is not only showing off a flower here, she is showing off an amazing contrast between her hair and her shirt. She definitely knows how to pull an outfit together!

Kids are also big fans of flower hair clips! Each photo used here was given to me by the parents of the children, and I have their permission to post the photos here.

Indyonah with one of her clips. She wears them to photo shoots. Her mom is Whitney from Flower Hair Clips by Whitney, and also my go-to for flower clips.

Here is Jennifer Rasey’s beautiful little girl in white. She’s also wearing a headband, which is also a big trend with the flower¬† clips.

Taytum, with a pink flower to match her shirt.

There is one fan that I am giving a separate section to. Her name is BreeAnne, and I consider her a flower clip extremist. She absolutely loves them and matches her clips to her outfits. When I asked fans for a photo of themselves, Bree sent me five. Thank you, Bree!

Notice in this photo that the family is all wearing the same colors. By doing this, the entire photo flows very well. Bree, you definitely know what you are doing!

Bree is obviously a proud mama. Her flower has an air of youth and innocence, but being black, it says that she’s an adult and a new mama.

Of the many roles we’ve seen Bree play in these photos, here is another one – fun friend. Their heads are touching, which says that they are very close and comfortable together. They’re dressed warm, so it must have been chilly out. The black flower in this photo is chic and makes her stand out in a crowd.

Curled hair with a white flower and sparkly hoops. A perfect combination!

Her yellow shirt and yellow flower look like they came as a set!

Another fan, MacKenzie, responded with several photos. She used her flower clips for a very special day – her wedding day. MacKenzie is a newlywed and was married on August 20th, 2011.

I love the flower in her hair. It gives off an air of romance and love. You look beautiful, MacKenzie!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this blog. I absolutely love including the readers and followers in what I do. After all, Rhett’s wouldn’t be anything without all of you!

Stay Sweet,



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