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How To Wear Rain Boots!

Where I live, fall is a very wet season. It rains, it gets muddy, leaves fall and stay wet… and then it snows. We then have slush, but it’s still semi-warm outside. I’m talking about the good ol’ state of Wisconsin. Spring is also a very wet season. Snow is melting, rain is falling, there is mud and slush from melting ice. We don’t want to ruin cute shoes by walking around in that mess. What is the answer? Rain boots!

It took me months to finally get my rain boots. I’m very picky, and wanted boots with trees on them. Don’t ask me why, even I don’t know why. I just had to have boots with trees. I finally found my Sporto boots on endless.com. I couldn’t believe my eyes – black boots, with sliver trees, and they were fleece lined! I’m always freezing, so fleece lined  is perfect for me, even when it’s 90 degrees out. They were on sale for $40, originally $70. I just had to have them, so I ordered them right away.



The Do’s of wearing rain boots:

– If you only have one pair, make sure it has a pattern or color that you love and won’t mind wearing with most of your outfits.

– Dress up rain boots with fun, bright accessories, like a flower in your hair, like I did.

– Add in a fun rain jacket, for a cool rainy day look.

-Wear them over your pants. It will protect the bottoms of your jeans. Torn out bottoms are not fashionable or stylish.


The Don’t of wearing rain boots:

– Rain boots are not cowboy boots. Don’t wear them with the cowgirl look unless you are actually going to be in the mud.

– Avoid wearing rain boots with short shorts and tiny tank tops or tube tops. I understand it’s hot out, but the rain cools everything down by several degrees. If you are going to wear a tiny top, pair it with jeans.

– Rain boots are meant for wet weather or for muddy situations. If it’s sunny out and there is no chance of rain, leave the rain boots at home. The exception is if you will be in a muddy situation.


Stay Sweet,



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  1. I love your rainboots!!!

    Comment by Amanda Leigh Bryan-Plakk | August 24, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you, Amanda!

      Comment by rhett19 | August 24, 2011 | Reply

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