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Rhett has Mood Nails! (Review)

I was a pre-teen and early teen in the 90’s. I turned 13 in 1998, which was a time of mood rings, glow in the dark everything, and bright, obnoxious nails. My best friend Ashley and I would try all kinds of different nail polishes. We had a massive collection and always had different colors on our nails. The new nail crazes are a cool nod to the 90’s, and a fun flashback for me!

A few days ago, my husband came home and said that a girl he works with was showing him her Mood nail polish. He wanted me to try it out and review it, so on a recent shopping trip, we went to Claire’s and he picked out two different colors for me to try. They were $5 a piece, and buy one, get one half off.

One of my diseases causes me to shake, so my nails are a bit messy. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis, so don’t mind my hands and feet please.

I didn’t use a top coat (I ran out).

I painted three coats on my hands and two on my feet. The polish dries extremely fast – by the time I was done painting my pinky, my thumb was completely dry. It painted on as the color you see in the photo. After all the coats were dry, I ran my hand under cold water to see what the polish would do. It turned dark purple. As I type this, I’m sitting in air conditioning and my hands are freezing. My nails are dark purple. Outside in the 80 degree temp, they turn back to the lighter blue seen above on my nails.

My toes are a very light purple right now. The are usually the pink that you see above. I’m not wearing shoes, so they are out in the open too.

Does this polish do what it says it will? Well, technically yes it does. It does change colors with your “mood” (temperature). It doesn’t change to the exact colors on the bottle – my hands are seriously freezing right now and my nails still aren’t the darkest color on the bottle. I can’t imagine my hands being any colder than they are right now.

One thing I noticed is that this polish chips off very fast. I haven’t done top coats the past few times I’ve painted my nails and those polishes didn’t chip as fast as these two did.

Would I recommend these polishes? Yes, but make sure you use a topcoat with them.

Stay Sweet,



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