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Review: Restricted Paratrooper Boots!

When I first saw these boots on http://www.piperlime.com, I had no idea how popular they were. When I saw that they were $39.99, marked down from $110, I couldn’t have entered my billing information fast enough. Every day I went to piperlime to check  the status. The very next day, it said shipped. The delivery date was set for August 15th, so when my husband came home from work holding a box that said piperlime on it, I nearly jumped him to get it out of his hands. I ordered these boots on Tuesday, and they got here on Friday.

First, before I review the boots, I’d like to say something about the packaging. I’ve ordered online a LOT in the past years, but nothing has compared to the amazing quality of the package that piperlime sent me. (I am not getting paid to say any of this). The box was taped up securely. I opened it and found a little green envelope with my receipt, a return label just in case, and a thank you card from piperlime. Yes, a thank you card! I then grabbed the shoe box that was inside the shipping box. It was wrapped in tissue paper and the paper was held together by a lime sticker. Clearly, piperlime cares about their customers satisfaction. I opened the box to find my boots securely packed in, with the toes still stuffed with foam and paper. They were even folded nicely. I highly recommend piperlime. This was a wonderful experience and I am looking forward to ordering from them again!

Alright, on to the boots. These boots are real suede and real leather, and so soft! They go up to mid-knee on me, which I think is perfect. They run true to size and there will be no problem layering them with socks in winter. Since they are real suede, they need to be sprayed with several coats of protectant, otherwise they will be ruined from salt and snow/rain in the winter. Ruining these is not an option for me, so I won’t be wearing them out until I spray them. I have plans for them on Black Friday, though!

The quality of these boots is awesome. They are stitched together extremely well and cut perfectly. Even the laces are quality and laced through the holes perfectly – one isn’t longer than the other. The zipper easily slides and doesn’t get caught on the fabric.

The style is something that will last for many years. These were released in 2010, but are still for sale because they’re very stylish. Wear them with skinny jeans, tights, leggings, a skirt or a dress – the possibilities are endless!


I highly recommend these boots. They are also available on amazon.com, but the price varies with the color.


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