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Fall Trend Report: Tights!

One thing I’ve noticed about Fall 2011 trends is that they are extreme. The colors are bright and bold, the patterns are loud, and the color combinations are not what we’d expect to see. Tights are no exception to this, which I think is awesome.

I’ve noticed that some women are confused at what tights actually are. There are three types of tight, spandex type pants that we wear for fashion – tights, leggings and nylons.

Leggings: they are the thickest of the bunch. Usually made out of cotton and spandex, these pants are highly popular right now and are great for layering.

Tights: mid-thick, usually opaque, and in a ton of patterns this season. They can either be footless or have feet in them. They usually will rise above your hips and be skin tight.

Nylons: thin, skin colored or black. Nylons are only worn for very formal events in the United States, but over in England they are more prevalent. I recommend that if in doubt, wear the nylons.

Tights for Fall 2011.

When tights first came back as a trend, it was black only, and only for dressy outfits. When a trend stays for more than one season, it evolves. Tights have grown into a daring, edgy trend with a lot of patterns and styles.

Tights with shorts.

This is becoming popular – fast! Denim shorts are becoming a staple in many women’s wardrobes and they are appearing in all types of outfits, and are on the runways. You can do so much with this look and wear nearly any shoes.

This look is great for work.

Two great ways to wear denim shorts and black tights.

When wearing shorts with tights, make sure you are comfortable. This is a look that is going to get you a lot of stares, since it’s very edgy and daring. I love the idea of denim shorts, black tights and a fun printed top with great accessories!

Colored tights.

This is something I can’t wait to try. Colored tights really set your outfit apart from others out there. I recommend trying a wine colored pair to start with before jumping into bright, bold colors. Here are some ideas:

Patterned tights.

This part of the tights trend is really cool. It gives you a chance to express yourself more boldly than normal with fashion.

Now, one thing that I need to touch on is this: tights are not pants, ladies. I know they are super comfortable, but they are also sheer. If you are going to wear them, make sure that your butt is covered. Your entire butt at that. There is nothing cute about showing your butt being squeezed by tights. There are so many cute dresses for all seasons that you can wear.

Don’t let this be you.

If you wear colored or patterned tights, let them be the base of your outfit, your focal point. Build your outfit off of the color in the tights or the color in the pattern. You will look trendy and stylish!

What do you think of the tights trend? Is it for you or will you leave it behind?

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