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Gone With The Wind – A Tribute To The Story That Stole My Heart Forever.

A few years ago, I was working as a security officer for a well known company that builds military vehicles. When I had down time, I would read. My dad worked as a security officer for one of the sister companies that I worked for, and he read a lot too. One day at a rummage sale, he picked up an old, beat up copy of Gone With The Wind. He’d read it many years ago but didn’t remember much of the story besides the outline. What he didn’t know at the time was that this novel would become a special bond between he and I, and change the way I saw things in life forever.

When he was done reading it, he passed it on to me. I set it down on my desk, looked at the cover art, and thought, “Alright, now I’m going to see if Scarlett O’Hara is all that she’s cracked up to be”. I never knew how dashing Rhett Butler was, how intimidating Scarlett could be, and that I could relate to two fictional characters from the Civil War Era.

It took me three days to read Gone With The Wind the first time. I couldn’t put it down. I fell in love with Rhett, wanted to be Scarlett’s sister, and wanted to attend dances, weddings, and wear the finest gowns. When Scarlett made a dress out of curtains, I knew that she would be in my heart forever. A lot of people view her as a snotty, stuck up brat that only cares about herself. In a lot of senses, they are right. Scarlet came from the finer things in life and never wanted for anything. She had gumption, wasn’t afraid of anyone, and knew just how to get what she wanted. She never understood how bad she wanted and needed Rhett Butler until it was too late. Rhett, on the other hand, knew that Scarlett was for him from the moment he saw her throw a vase across a room. He loved her spunk, her attitude and the stubborn will she had. He brought her the finest silks, took her on lavish vacations, and got her an engagement ring that, even today, would turn heads. The center stone was a four carat diamond, surrounded by emeralds. It was so big that Scarlett was embarrassed to wear it.

Well fiddle dee dee, how I do run on. On to the fashion of Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler!

Scarlett is wearing a dress with different patterns and fabrics, with green being the main focal point. How does this dress compare to dresses today?

  Formal dresses today. Both of these are considered wedding gowns, but can be worn for major events as well.

Scarlett sits in front of Tara, her home. She’s wearing a beautiful white dress with layers and layers of fabric, with a red belt to accentuate her 17 inch waist. Yes, Scarlett had a 17 inch waist!

Beautiful gowns today. They can be for a wedding, quinceanera or prom.

Scarlett’s red velvet dress.

Necklines have changed over the years, but one thing hasn’t – red is daring and sultry. If Scarlett were to wear a red dress today, it would look something like the two pictured above.

Scarlett’s curtain dress. She got creative with this one.

It was hard to find a dress that looked like it could be made out of curtains, but I did find these two that had material that is prevalent with curtains and dresses alike.

Scarlett loved hats. Wearing a new hat was seen as regal and posh until around the 1960’s. Today in England, ladies still go crazy over a new hat.

Cocktail hats today. Scarlett would have approved.

This is the painting that Scarlett so often stared at – of herself. This was a blue velvet dress with lace detailing.

What Scarlett may have worn today for her painting.

Scarlett in her bbq dress. Something is on her mind!

What Scarlett may have worn to a bbq today.

Mrs. Scarlett Hamilton dances with Rhett Butler in a mourning dress. In Scarlett’s time, it was considered tasteless and taboo to not wear black out in public for at least 6 months after the passing of your husband. Scarlett hated the dress, but she hated people talking bad about her even more. We still commonly wear black to funerals today, but other colors are alright as well.

Scarlett could mourn in these dresses today. She could wear them to the funeral and the gatherings afterward.

Rhett Butler looking gallant.

Menswear today. Pants are no longer pulled up above the waist, vests go untucked, and jackets are looser.

Rhett liked to change up his ties and wear the latest fashions for men.

Flo Rida showing off his polka dot tie.


Fashion has, without a doubt, changed over time. The lines, cuts and tailoring have changed for both men and women. One thing that stays true is that trends repeat themselves. Scarlett knew what she was doing when she dressed herself every day, and Rhett was a head turner. Together, they made a couple that is stunning even today. Scarlett would be proud of today’s styles.

This blog is dedicated to my dad, Joey. He knew that I would relate to Scarlett in most ways and that I would love her. Thanks daddy!


Stay Sweet,




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