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Rhett’s Fall 2011 Picks!

Here it is everyone – my picks for fall. I know you have been waiting for this! Some of these picks will be things I already have and recommend for fall, and the others are on my wishlist. I’ll start with what is already in my collection.

Rhett’s Collection Picks:

Striped boat neck long sleeve shirt. It’s simple, it’s classic, it goes with everything. I wear mine with anything from shorts to pink jeans. A shirt like this never goes out of style and is so versatile that it can go with new and future trends.

A knit menswear vest. I am really getting into vests again and I love how fresh they look. You can layer a vest, or if it’s nice out, wear just the vest itself.

Blazers, blazers, blazers! I love them. A blazer will pull nearly any outfit together and give off a cool-girl vibe. Blazers can be worn for work or play, or used as a jacket to cover up a dress on a chilly night out. You will make a huge statement if you walk into a crowded place wearing a show stopping dress and a cool-girl blazer!

Statement necklaces. The necklaces above are extreme examples of what a statement necklace is. When wearing one of these, make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down so you don’t risk looking like a fashion disaster instead of a trend setter. Blazers go great with these necklaces.

Combat boots. I have the Steve Madden TROOPA’s in cognac and adore them. They go with just about everything and are great for running around on errands. They rock with skinny jeans, they add a touch of edge to a soft outfit and they look super cool.

Rhett’s Wish List Picks:

Leopard print shoes. Leopard print is the new neutral – it goes with anything and everything. When wearing leopard print, be careful not to overdo it, or you may look lost in the 80’s. A woman can’t help but feel powerful when she is wearing a leopard print heel. They are sexy, statement making shoes that demand to be recognized!

Colored jeans. My ultimate is red jeans. I am just dying to get my hands on a pair. Fall 2011 runways were full of rainbow colors. If you are a bold person, this is a great trend for you to try! Pair these jeans with a blazer, statement necklace and great pair of heels, and you are set to go!

Tribal prints. Every few seasons or so, tribal prints will make an appearance on the runways, but this is the first year that they’ve made an impact. They are fresh and bold, and so new that you can go to a thrift store like Goodwill, pick up a piece or two to try and by the time spring is here and tribal is in it’s full force, you will already be set. (That’s a Rhett secret).

*Special Section*

Snake print heels. Notice I said print, not skin. I do not endorse or support the use of exotic skin or fur for fashion for any reason at all. No creature should ever die for the sake of fashion, ever. Remember, if you are wearing exotic skin or fur, it once had a face, a brain, and could breath. It fought like heck to keep the most precious treasure it had – it’s life… and it lost. Skin and fur look beautiful on the creature that was born with it, and that is it. That being said, snake print (embossed or fabric printed) is beautiful. A pair of shoes with snake print or a handbag is a great accessory to have and goes with nearly everything. I put this under Rhett’s Wish List because although I do have several pairs of snake print heels, I always want more. I am most attracted to snake print out of any of the prints in fashion – out of 130 pairs of shoes that I own, between 30 and 40 pairs have snake print on them! How do you tell if a pair of shoes is real snake skin or faux? Price, to start. A real pair of snake heels will be several hundred dollars. Second, you can feel each individual scale. Not sure what a snake scale feels like? Let me know, and I will set you up with a real-feel test. Third, the scales will stick out a bit. They’ll show signs of wear, since skin on a snake wears down just like skin on a human does. Fourth, if the heels are vintage or even a few years old and not taken care of, the scales will begin to stick out or peel off. Fifth, a trained eye will be able to tell by the pattern. Snake skin heels are made from Burmese Pythons and Reticulated Pythons, since they are the biggest pythons in the world. Boa skin is gaining popularity as well and in the next few years, unfortunately, their skin will start showing up on the runways of major fashion houses. Faux snake print doesn’t follow a live snake pattern. Snake leather is real skin, not faux. Snake embossed leather is faux snake, real leather. Here are examples:



*End Special Section*

Over the knee boots. I love over the knee boots worn over skinny jeans, with dresses and over leggings. They scream sexy and confident. These are not meant to be worn with mini skirts or shorts unless the shorts are high waisted or long.

Medium height boots. These used to be the tallest boots on the market, until the over the knee boot made a huge impression.

Booties. These adorable shoes used to be a thing of the 80’s. It took a few seasons for booties to become a staple in women’s closets, but now they are here to stay! Booties are great with skinny jeans, shorts, skirts of any length, leggings, just about anything!

Tights. Think layering! Fall gets chilly fast. Tights are a great way to keep warm and stay stylish at the same time. As the weather gets colder, you can layer tights with boots and skirts for a fun look. Play around with colors and patterns with tights.

Socks. I know this is very controversial in the fashion world, but I love socks. I have a pair of grey knitted socks that I wear with brown boots. It looks fresh and fabulous, and I always get a lot of compliments. Don’t be afraid to try the sock trend, even with open toed shoes. Don’t match your socks to your shoes exactly. If you do grey, for example, make sure the greys are at least two shades apart for contrast. Have fun with this! It’s a daring trend to try. If you would like help, please let me know. I’d be happy to help!

The denim shirt dress. This is an obsession of mine. I despised the denim shirt when it became a trend. I couldn’t understand why you’d want to wear denim on denim. Then one day, I found a denim shirt on clearance at Walmart for $1, so I bought it and decided that for a dollar, I could try it. It was love at first button. I wear that denim shirt all the time and have started borrowing denim shirts from my dad since he wears them all the time. He recently got rid of one. It’s a men’s medium, Dickies brand. It’s huge on me so it’s becoming a dress. It will be featured in a Rhett blog soon!















Remember, check the sale/clearance sections first!

What is on your fall shopping list?

Stay Sweet,



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