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Best Of Gucci – Fall 2011 – Teal!

Teal is not a color that women go shopping specifically for. Being a mix between green and blue, teal is a cool color, and can be amazing to color block with. Gucci shows us how to step out of our comfort zones a bit!


How do you wear teal in every day life? Like this:

Color blocking: I love teal and yellow together. They really set each other off and your outfit will make a huge statement. When wearing these two colors together, make sure you have another tone mixed in as a base – grey or black. Your outfit will stay grounded that way and not look like you are trying too hard. Plus, teal and yellow will help you grab the last few bits of summer before it disappears!

This pendant is to show teal and yellow together.


Color blocking: One color that seems to show up with teal is purple. For a base, I would use white – pants, a hat, a bag or a scarf. Teal and purple compliment each other very well and will carry you right into fall without looking back.

Easy on the eyes, isn’t it?


Color blocking: One pair that a lot of women wouldn’t think about is teal and navy or dark blue in general. They are from the same side of the color wheel and can clash if done wrong. Use a brighter teal, and not a lot of it. Beige, nude or tan would be the best base for this pairing.

Teal and dark blue together.


If you are nervous about trying teal, start small. Go with a necklace, bracelet, bag or scarf. You’ll get the feel of the color and won’t be too invested in it if it’s not for you.


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