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Animal Themed Jewelry! (Picture Heavy)

I am a huge animal lover. I absolutely love animal themed jewelry. That started back when I was around 10, and my mom had two brooches that were tigers, and were meant to be pinned on the shoulder of the top she was wearing. One was a normal tiger and one was white. They had orange, yellow and white Swarovski Crystals in them, with emeralds, and black sapphires. She also had several other animal pieces. Here’s some photos resembling her jewelry that I’d like to share with you. My mom and I are both huge into uniqueness. The more random and strange, the more we like it. We’re also sparkle-holics.

My mom has the most amazing jewelry collection I’ve ever seen – over 5,000 pieces. It is so amazing and well kept that this fall, parts of it will be on display at our local museum. Since it’s all packed up to go, I can’t get photos now, but once the display is over with in 2012, I will get photos for the blog. She’s been collecting jewelry for around 40 years. She had to sell a good portion of it when my family fell on really, really hard times some years ago and to this day it kills me inside when she talks about that. She kept a lot of it too, which does make me happy, but her Eisenberg Originals and Weiss pieces went, along with a lot of other rare, hard to find pieces. The years have gotten better for my parents, and she’s been able to collect again. She has a talent for picking out pieces and her eye for jewelry is unmatched. Jewelry stores in our area have come to her -several- times for advice! Here’s to you, mom!

I also have a very large collection of owl jewelry. It started in the early 90’s with an owl with turquoise eyes, and just expanded. The owls are packed away in several places but I am working on getting them all out. There has to be around 300 pieces or more! When I expressed my love for these owls that nobody ever wanted, they started appearing in my bedroom, in my lunch at school, for my birthday, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day (I got gifts on Mother’s Day, since my mom always said that without me, she wouldn’t be a mama), and then later they appeared in my car and in my first apartment.

I chose to do just animal jewelry in this blog because if I showed photos of what I’ve seen collected over the years, we’d be here for weeks on end. So, without more typing, here are photos of what I’ve seen my mom collect, buy to resell, pick up to examine at flea markets, rummage sales and estate sales, or show me online. A lot of this resembles what she had. I can’t find identical photos, unfortunately.

I have this bracelet.

Here are the tigers that I mentioned up above:

Here are a few photos that are identical to some of the owls that I have:

And now, for the coolest cat ever, jewelry wise:

If you are interested in collecting animal themed jewelry, this is where I recommend you look:

– Flea Markets. Sellers usually have hundreds of pieces of jewelry on display at a time, and more often than not, they have animal pieces.

– Estate Sales. An Estate is what a person has owned up until they passed away. Things being sold at an Estate Sale are items that were not included in a will and not divided among the family. Jewelry is prevalent at these sales.

– Antique Stores/Malls. Look everywhere in these places.

– eBay and Craigslist.

Websites to check out:



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