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Let’s Talk Panties!

Women love shoes, handbags, and lingerie. The latter is something that a lot of women don’t talk about or share that they’re obsessed with, but I for one will admit that I am. I’m a sucker for the Victoria’s Secret Semi Annual Sales, the 7 for $25 sales at VS, and really, any adorable underwear anywhere. I go through the Top Drawer (you know, where we all keep our delicates), and get rid of what I need to every now and then. But still, I could go around 4 months without having to do laundry and still have clean panties to wear. Still, it’s not as bad as that darn shoe addiction I have.

Your outfit begins as soon as you put on your bra and panties. Some women match, some mix, some just throw on whatever they grab first. Most of the time, you can wear whatever panties you want and not have to worry about lines – this includes denim (shorts and jeans). However, what happens when you are wearing leggings, white bottoms of any sort, tight skirts or low rise jeans? You get either the dreaded Panty Line, or the Back Rider – the thong that looks like it’s up past your rib cage.

Let’s start with the Panty Line (capitalized because it seems to have a mind of it’s own). This is hard to prevent because of the way the elastic is on the panty. Seamless panties to the rescue! A seamless panty is just that – a panty with no seams. You can wear it and it will melt right into your skin, so you won’t have panty lines. A lot of women go for sexiness when picking out panties, and that is awesome, but sometimes you need to get the boring ol’ nude colored panties with no seams. They come in every style, from G strings to thongs, boy-shorts to bikini’s. Which pair do you choose? I recommend one of each, and here is why:

Seamless Thong/G String: The “floss” of a thong is thicker generally than the “floss” of a G string. Some women prefer one over the other for comfort. A thong or G string is perfect for white linen pants. These pants will usually hang off from the center of your butt, or they will be tight. The tighter they are, the higher risk you will have of showing panty lines. This style of panty is also great for tight, form fitting dresses – think body-con style. And of course, leggings.

Seamless Boy-Shorts: Boys-shorts are becoming increasingly popular among women. They are comfortable and easy to wear. Boy-shorts can’t be worn with every type of bottoms, however. They are great for flowy, loose skirts that are white. If your skirt flies up, your butt will be protected from being seen. These can also be worn with loose pajama pants.

Seamless Bikini’s: This is the classic style of panty that most women go to on a daily basis. The bikini is also the biggest reason for panty lines – they squeeze your butt. Now, another thing that you should be aware of with these panties is that they can make cellulite look a lot worse than it is due to the squeezing. Let’s face it, most of us do have cellulite – yes, even me. We don’t want to enhance it, do we? When buying any panties, especially bikini’s, don’t lie to yourself about your size. We don’t want that butt squeeze. If these panties fit properly, you can wear them with nearly anything.

Don’t let this be you:

Now, on to the Back Rider. This has happened to the best of us. You’re wearing a pair of hot low-rise jeans, and suddenly you feel a draft up your back. You think,”oh, my shirt must be up a bit”, and go to pull it down – and then you feel it… your thong, out in the open for the world to see. How long has it been like that? Who saw it? Is that why all those people keep looking at me? You try to slowly shove it back down into your pants, and look over your shoulder. Finally, you nonchalantly stand up, pull your shirt down, and make a beeline for the nearest bathroom to fix your Back Rider’s.

Many brands now make Low Rise Thongs just for this reason. They’re tiny little triangles that really don’t have much to them. They sit right at the top of your butt cheek, helping to prevent the Back Rider from making an appearance.

Some women insist that purposely showing their thongs is considered sexy or hot. Ladies, this is not true, no matter how beautiful you are. Your panties are meant for you to see, your friends if you change and get ready in front of them (and most women do), and the special man in your life. It’s considered tasteless and classless, and while most men do like to see girls showing hints of their thongs, they never say that that is the type of girl they want to date or marry, let alone take seriously. They want their girl’s panties to be just for them, like a gift they get to unwrap at the end of the night. Other women aren’t glaring at the ladies that do this out of jealousy; they are doing it out of disgust.

Granny Panties: The bikini style panty IS NOT what a granny panty is! I can not stress this enough. A granny panty has a high waist, full butt coverage, and goes part way down your hips. A fashion disaster is identifying anything wrong – even panties.

Honorable mention: Spanx! I have never personally felt the magic of Spanx, but I do know several women who have, and they swear by it! Spanx hides exactly what needs to be hidden, shows no lines, and tucks in what needs to be tucked.

I hope this blog helps you in your quest for the right panties with your outfit. Do you need more help, or have questions? Feel free to send me a message or leave an anonymous comment.  I am happy to help you!


http://www.victoriassecret.com (shop in the PINK section)

http://www.target.com (they have a fabulous intimates department)





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