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Trend Report: Long Pleated Skirts!

Whenever most of us think about pleats, one thing comes to mind – cheerleaders. If we aren’t thinking about cheerleaders, we’re imagining school-girl skirts. Either way, they aren’t fashionable. What about long pleated skirts? Rhett is loving them!

Long pleated skirts are wonderful for fall. They go with the weather, are an awesome layering piece, and can be paired with several different tops, jewelry combinations and shoes. How do you make an outfit like this work? Well, start with the skirt.

Find one that you love and that will go with items already in your closet. Thrift stores are great for this, since pleats are just now coming back as a trend. People are still getting rid of them, and that means you can score! Pick up one, or two, or however many you like (and can reasonably afford).

Next, you need a shirt. I love loose, flowy tank tops tucked into these skirts. Denim shirts also look trendy and fresh. Lace is another option that looks great!

Now, what about shoes? There are several options. I recommend staying away from classic pumps. Go for an oxford, a flat, a wedge, bootie, or something with a fun platform.

Waist belts go great with this style, and can really help pull your outfit together.


Now, on to jewelry. I recommend a long pendant necklace to start with, and if it feels right, you can layer necklaces. Pendant necklaces can be found anywhere and everywhere. These are pieces that once you have them, hold on to them forever. They’ll come in handy more often than you think! Have fun with this – get pendants that are fruits, animals, minerals… all kinds of things! They’ll be great conversation pieces!

These are just three examples.

Stacking bracelets is great with this look. You can have fun with this as well, as long as the bracelets match your other accessories.


I love this look, and can’t wait to get my hands on a pleated skirt to try it out myself. What do you think of it? Is it something you’d try, or is it just not for you? Fall is coming – I can’t wait!


Stay Sweet,





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