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Fall 2011 Trend: Red

Red is one of those colors that you either love or you don’t. It was huge on the runway shows for Fall 2011 for Valentino, Gucci, The Row, DKNY, Jill Stuart, Rodarte, Michael Kors, Elie Saab, Moschino, and several others. Even the people attending Fashion Week were wearing red.

Rodarte, Fall 2011

I’m not a huge fan of red. I’m not sure why, either. Whenever I have a choice of colors, red is always one of the last I choose. I’m trying to broaden my horizons with red, so a few days ago I bought a short sleeved red knit. It’s got little red beads on the shoulders. I plan on pair it with grey skinny jeans and red booties.

When wearing red, make it your statement color. Pair it with a neutral, like black or grey, so that it can be your focal point. Red can stand on it’s own, but if you want to enhance it, I recommend leopard print. The two work so well together and compliment each other beautifully. This shoe, by Sergio Rossi, is a great example of red, leopard print, and neutrals (the heel)  working together.


I recommend wearing dark denim jeans with red. Light jeans can work against the red and the outfit can end up looking washed out. I also really love red as accessories only – belts, jewelry, and lip stick. Reader and fan Nikki sent me this picture of how she does red:

She has on a red headband, a red necklace and red lipstick. Her black shirt sets off the red perfectly, and the red compliments the black. Great job Nikki!

If you are more of a daring person with fashion and want to do red and another color, I recommend yellow. They’re great together, compliment each other, and make the person wearing the outfit stand out. I also love red and navy together.

Another idea is red and white. I found this photo from Spring 2011 Fashion Week in Paris, and then copied the outfit. Even though it was during spring, the outfit works well for fall!


Shirt: Gap, found at Plato’s Closet, $4.00

Jeans: Aeropostale, $9.99 on clearance

Booties: Payless, 2006, $19.99

Coat: Goodwill, $7.99

The red booties are the focal point. Several trends are covered here – stripes, nautical, white pants, and red. It’s a very simple outfit, but it’s chic as well.

I found some red items that I love for fall. They can all be found at http://www.gojane.com, one of my favorite sites.

I love red pants and can’t wait to get a pair myself. These will work with stilettos, as in the photo, or boots.


  Red working with a neutral. Fall has cold nights, so I recommend a nay shrug to go with it, and navy pumps.


Polka dots are always trendy. This top is fun, girly and can be dressed up or down. I would wear a yellow cardigan over it with dark jeans (like the model’s).

Red and floral. There is green in this dress, so you could wear green pumps and a green blazer, cardi or shrug with it. It’s informal enough to wear as an every day piece, yet formal enough to wear to a wedding reception.

Have a special party, wedding, or other event to attend that requires you to dress very formal? One shoulder dresses are very popular right now. This has a flower on the shoulder that adds a touch of femininity to the look. I would go with black pumps and a rhinestone bracelet with this dress. Silver pumps would also look nice.

These would be my go-to for everything red shoes. They go well with jeans or dresses!

I love these for a night out dancing. Because of the sparkle on this pair, I would tone down the jewelry so the shoes can shine on their own.

I love these with a pencil skirt. They are gorgeous as a dress shoe.

I love wedges with maxi skirts/dresses, shorts, and jeans. The print on this pair makes them very versatile.

I picked these because they have an edge to them. However, they don’t have a platform and the heel is high, so make sure you have a place to sit and rest if you wear a pair like this for a long time.

The rosette’s on these sandals make them feminine, but they can be worn with a casual outfit.



Red is the color of the season. Do you plan to follow this trend?


Stay Sweet,



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Request: Shoe Sizes

As you get to know me, you’ll learn that I have a very unhealthy passion for shoes. I love them way too much. There are photos on the fan page if you would like to see just how much I love them.

My feet are very small – size 5.5 to 6.5, depending on the brand. I never have a problem finding shoes in my size. But what about the women with not-so-tiny feet? Where do they find shoes? Don’t worry, Rhett is here to help!

My favorite place for large size’s in shoes is BarefootTess.com. The selection is outstanding, and they go up to a size 15. They have awesome prices as well. Here are some examples of what they sell:

Boat shoes are a fun, stylish way to stay casual and comfortable.

A nice, feminine heel. Comes in several colors!

This pair is a Rhett pick! Also comes in red and blue!

A stylish flat. Also comes in black!

Fun rain boots. These are a Rhett pick!


Beautiful nude wedges will go with everything, elongate your legs and make them look awesome!

Cute winter boots!


As you can see, Barefoot Tess has a huge variety. There are hundreds of shoes to choose from at great prices!

designershoes.com goes up to a size 16 in women’s. Here are a few examples from their site:

The flip flop that can be dressed up or down!

Red is THE color for fall, plus they have jewels!

A great work shoe

These are definitely a Rhett pick! They go with jeans, skirts, and dressy pants!


A few other websites to check out are:




http://www.shoebuy.com (they go up to size 20!)

I hope I’ve helped the readers that need larger size shoes. Let me know if you need help picking out a pair or two… or more!

Stay Sweet,



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Stay Cool, Stay Chic

This summer has been so different here in the States. I live in Wisconsin, one of the coldest states in the winter. We look forward to summer so much that by March, we are breaking out the flip flops and open-toed pumps. But this year, it seemed like summer forgot about us. In the beginning of June, it was still in the mid 50’s outside and raining. Were the poles changing? Did something happen to our magnetic field? Or was this a chance for sales to last a little longer so we could stock up on more summer clothes?

Now, it’s in the 90’s and super humid. We’re staying inside with our air conditioners because it’s extreme for us. My friend C. lives in Texas and yesterday she called and said it was 111 degrees there. At night, it’s still in the high 80’s. C. is half Wisconsonite, so she can handle the “cold” in Texas, but the heat is something she hadn’t dealt with in years. I’m going to show you how to stay cool and chic at the same time.

As is Rhett’s style, I’m going to talk about what not to do first. I think it’s a lot easier to pick out clothes and make pairings when you know what you shouldn’t do. Let’s start with the first layer:

Bras: Ladies, these can be your best friend and worst enemy. Tops come in a variety of styles today, and so do bras. I understand that women with large chests have a hard time with bras. Strapless bras aren’t always an option. I’d like to share a miracle in the bra market – the tube top bra. It’s got elastic on the top and the bottom, so you won’t risk it suddenly appearing around your ankles. Some also come with padding for the not so busty ladies who like padding. But Rhett, you are thinking, aren’t they expensive? No, they aren’t! Remember, Rhett is huge into clearance and inexpensive shopping, and I found one on Amazon for $5.50! This is what a tube top bra looks like:


Wet Seal and Forever 21 also sell them and they go on clearance with every sale, so be sure to check there as well! The sizes go up to XXL, which is usually a large D cup. I recommend buying one in nude, so you can wear it with everything.

Now, on to bra straps. So many tops are cut to have very low backs, are shoulderless, have high necks and no sleeves… the possibilities go on and on. The last thing you want is your bra showing. It looks careless. Bras that can be transformed into many different styles are also sold. Target is my favorite place to get them. I have two, and they rock!

Panties: A huge Rhett no-no is showing your thong. Ladies, we all wear them. Some wear them for sexiness, some for comfort, some because there is nothing else clean in the panty drawer so that’s what you grab. Sometimes you just can’t help it and the sucker creeps up your back. That happens and there is nothing you can do about it, at least until you check or some wonderful person let’s you know that your thong is up your back. Belts will help you solve this problem. Or, wear seamless panties in a bikini style. They don’t creep and they don’t show, and they are so comfy!

On to clothes. We want to be as cool as possible while still looking chic. I promise, it is possible.

Shorts: You want your shorts to be fitted and formed to your body without your booty hanging out. It doesn’t matter how nice your booty is, it’s a fashion disaster all the way. Find a pair of shorts that form to your butt and have higher pockets. Your butt will look lifted and it will be covered. Colored shorts are huge this summer. A pair of fun shorts paired with a neutral top will keep you looking chic and cool.

Tops: Stay away from anything super tight. A flowy, loose top will give you a nice breeze and keep you looking stylish and trendy. Floral shirts are feminine and pretty, stylish and chic and can be carried into fall. If you are wearing an off the shoulder top, make sure you have on a strapless bra, a tube top bra, or a tank underneath, so we avoid the bra strap disaster. You can wear colored tops with colored shorts. Here is how: make sure the colors compliment each other on the color wheel (I’ll have a wheel below for you).  Stripes are also a fun way to show of your style. I would pair red shorts with a top that has yellow stripes in it.

Dresses: Never underestimate the power of a sundress. Fun, flirty and flowy, these little dresses go from day to night like it’s no one’s business. They come in so many styles and colors that you’ll never have a shortage of what to pick. I love dresses from http://www.ricketyrack.com, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Delias’s, http://www.ideeli.com and of course, thrift stores!

Shoes: Rhett doesn’t wear flip flops often. I love anything with a heel so that is what I always wear. Wearing a wedge with shorts will elongate your legs and show off your muscles. You can wear a stiletto with shorts, but go with a short heel. Flip flops of course are great if you are trying to stay cool. Boat shoes look chic and fun, and you can wear them anywhere. I love Sperry TopSider’s line.

Here is a photo of me in one of my favorite stay cool outfits:

That is my natural wavy hair. I usually blow dry it and then straighten it, but that day I was feeling lazy so I just let it be. I do put Morrocanoil in my hair to keep it hydrated, soft and shiny. Natural waves are beachy and great in the summer.

Top: American Eagle Outfitters, 2008 (I think) $6.99 on clearance

Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters, $24.99

Shoes: Mossimo for Target, $4.49 on clearance (this year)

Necklace: Viktor/Viktoria  $6.99

Bracelet: Rummage Sale

The general color wheel rule is opposites attract – whatever is directly across from a color will match best. Here are two color wheels for you to look at.


I like to mix things up, so I’ll wear colors that are close to each other on the wheel, just to see what it’ll look like and the reactions I’ll get from people

How do you stay cool and chic at the same time? Do you follow the color wheel rule?


Stay Sweet,


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From Runway To You! Rhett’s Lovin’ This Look!

A few months ago, Diesel and I stopped at our local Goodwill because I just had a feeling. I found a gorgeous brown leather skirt from Gap. The tag says it’s from Fall of 2001. I am madly in love with this skirt. I show it to everyone. I am always thinking of new ways to wear it. Then, I saw this runway photo, and a light-bulb went off in my head. I hadn’t thought of using it this way, so I tried it out. Here’s the runway look:

Her skirt is yellow, has a high waist, and is longer than mine, but it worked! Here is my version:

I added in a red bangle bracelet, and am wearing a brown tank underneath. I’m still not sure what I think of the mid-drift baring trend.

Shirt: Rue 21 $4.99 on clearance

Tank: American Eagle Outfitters $3.99 on clearance

Skirt: Gap $6.99 at Goodwill

Shoes: Fioni, Payless $24.99 in December 2010 for a Christmas Party

Bangle: Rummage Sale

Necklace: My dad’s gold cross

Leather skirts are all over the Fall runways and popping up everywhere! Since they were big for spring, you will be able to find them on clearance soon. Grab one while you can! I am betting that they’ll be back for Spring 2012 and be even hotter than they are right now.


What do you think? How would you style this skirt? Let me know, and I will bring your outfit to life!

Stay Sweet,


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Request: Fashion For Not-So-Skinny Girls!

Recently, I was told by my friend A. that she wishes she could dress like me. A. is curvy – she has a large chest and hips. She also had a baby, so her body has changed. A. would like to be able to dress trendy and fashionable, and not make the mistakes that many curvy women do. This blog is dedicated to all of the curvy, not-so-skinny women out there. I’m here to help you dress like I do and feel amazing in your clothes!

I’d like to touch on a very common mistake. Women of all shapes and sizes are obsessed with the letter on the tag. I can’t stress enough that each and every store and label sizes things differently. I have things in a size L, and things in XXS. Try different sizes on to see what fits you best. Don’t worry about the letter on the tag. You are not defined by your size.

Now, since we are on the subject of size, let’s talk about proper fit. Wearing something too small for your body does not flatter, or fool, anyone. The same with wearing something too big. I’m not sure why women wear things too big. I know they wear things too small because most don’t like to admit their size. There is nothing wrong with embracing whatever size you are. To be honest, ladies, I am so small that I have to compete with pre-teen girls for jeans. I am so short that I can only buy jeans in size short, and once again, I have to compete. Only certain places sell jeans that properly fit my small body, and those places are popular among the teen crowd.

If a shirt is too snug, try on a bigger size. You will be much sexier in a top that fits you correctly. It will show off your curves better and you will feel better about yourself. Avoid fabrics that are overly clingy, and shirts that are super tight. I don’t like super tight clothing on anyone of any size. It’s so hard to pull off and even on my small frame, I think it looks bad. If a shirt is too big, try on a smaller size. Sometimes you won’t find a happy medium with an item, and that means it just wasn’t meant to be. You get to hunt for an even better top that you love more than the one that didn’t work out. If you can’t find a happy medium, don’t force it to work.

When buying shirts, look for things that will accentuate your waistline. That is, your true waist. Today’s society seems to think that the waist is around the hip area. It’s not. Your waist is where your curves go in, where your ribs get smaller. Putting a belt, a ruched pull, a tie, or anything of that nature around your waist will instantly slim you down. Avoid super short shirts. They will shorten your midsection and therefore make you look wider. This is a look that doesn’t flatter anyone either. Forever 21, Wet Seal, Torrid, Target and Walmart all sell great waist belts. I recommend picking up a few – black, brown, white and a color, so you always have an option. Here are some examples:



For jeans, dark denim flatters everyone. Jeans with a medium wash thigh will make your thighs look smaller. Skinny jeans show everything, so unless that is the look you truly want, avoid them. Go for straight leg instead. A flared jean will add height and measure up with your hips, making your look pulled together. For your butt, look for a pair with high pockets. They’ll add lift to your butt and make it look more toned and defined. The more spread apart the pockets are, the bigger your butt will look. And always make sure the hem is the right length. If they aren’t, you’ll be shortened and widened. Examples:


Now, let’s talk capri pants. This is a very hard style to get right, because they can be so unflattering. As with jeans, fit counts. Baggy capri’s will add weight to you and make you look wider than you are. I recommend a capri pant that is fitted right above the calf, and under the knee cap. Here is an example (she is thin, but it is to show a fitted capri pant):

One other thing I’d like to touch on are tops that have elastic on the bottoms. These are great, because they are baggier above the elastic, and therefore hide things. If you are uncomfortable with your tummy, a shirt like this can be a lifesaver. Tanks, T’s, thermals, sweaters… they all come in this style.

I hope this blog will help you be more comfortable in your style. If you need more help, please feel free to contact me. I can go shopping with you and go through your closet and help you make outfits best suited for your body.

Stay Sweet,


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A Fall 2011 Idea For You!

I came across this photo and just fell in love with the outfit. I loved the detailed denim jacket, the sequins, the white pants and the rockstar shoes. It all looks so fresh and updated. A lot of trends are mixed here.

A word on mixing trends: some say this is something you shouldn’t do, but I disagree. If you do it the right way, mixing trends can create a lot of fun, unique outfits. It’s hard to mix runway looks because they’re extreme. We’re getting lucky with this fall, because looks are toned down a bit and it’s easy to bring them to life. Be careful when doing so, because this is an easy way to become a fashion disaster. I also recommend not trying to copy exactly. Fashion is about individuality and expression. It should be your own, and fit your own unique style.

This is at Balmain, one of my favorite designers. The jacket is a military style. The sequins add a feminine touch, while the destroyed denim and studded shoes keep the look edgy.

Here is my version.

I used a more feminine jacket for my version.

Jacket: Goodwill, $4.99. Inside tag removed.

Sequined Tank: Mossimo, Target. $6.99 on clearance

Jeans: Aeropostale. $9.99 on clearance.

Shoes: Paprika, DEB, http://www.debshops.com. $24.99

Necklace: My dad’s gold cross

I love this outfit and can’t wait to wear it out. I’d wear it to dinner with my husband, dancing with my friends, to a family event… just about anywhere. It’s very versatile. What do you think of it? Would you wear it, or is there something you would change?

Stay Sweet,


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Rhett on Deals and Steals

I am a huge clearance shopper. I always make a beeline for the back of the store, where the clearance racks are. I go thru each and every item in every size. When people go thru the racks, things get mixed up, so don’t just look in your size. If you find something you love but the tag says it’s a size too big or too small, try it on anyway. Every single store has sizes that vary. I have a Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater that is an XL, and I am a XS or S. I got it at a rummage sale, and plan on doing lots of layering with it. Think button downs and jackets!

Stores will rarely put clearance in the front. New and hot items go in front, and they are always priced the highest. Registers are usually in the middle of the store, and clearance is in the back. The idea is that something at the front will draw you in, and you will love it so much you won’t go back to clearance. Always check clearance first. More often than not, you can find something similar to the items at the front of the store for a fraction of the price. Your dollar will go a lot further and you will have more money to spend, and ultimately come home with more clothes!

Another great thing about clearance shopping, rummage sales and thrift stores is that people get rid of things after one season. You luck out, because the trends rarely last just one season. Animal print, for example, has been around forever, and some seasons it’s hotter than others. This fall, animal print is the new neutral. You can match classic leopard print with just about anything. A staple in your wardrobe should be a leopard print shirt, a pair of shoes and a bracelet. You can also do colored leopard print – especially red! The two paired together adds the perfect amount of sexiness and edge without being over the top.

Never underestimate the power of a rummage sale. More and more younger women are selling their clothes. If you find a sale that has a lot of clothes you like, talk to the seller and see if the next time she cleans out her closet, she’ll call you first so you can pick out things before the sale. Always check for stains and holes. A lot of people will sell anything and everything and it’s easy to miss little imperfections. Some shirts with tears can be repaired. If you really love it and know you’ll wear it, go for it. If it’s priced similar to other clothing items, ask the seller if she’ll take the price down since it does have to be repaired.

After-holiday sales are a great way to stock up. Black Friday is my favorite holiday. Make sure you know the stores you are going to, because a lot of places will raise prices and then “lower” them, so you think you are getting a deal when in reality you are paying the normal price for the item. Check the stores open times. Some will open at midnight, and then go from there. It will be a zoo, but if you are looking for deals, it is will worth it. Diesel and I shop until we can barely walk. Black Friday 2009 was especially fun for me – I bought 15 pairs of shoes! Having a huge shoe collection as it is, that put me on Cloud 9. After Christmas, New Year’s, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day are also great sales.

I also don’t shy away from paying full price for something I truly love. There are going to be times when you will walk into a store and instantly be in love with something and it will be worth the price. One of those times was when I got my Abercrombie and Fitch winter jacket. I put it on and fell in love. It was very pricey, but I didn’t care. To this day, it is still the warmest jacket I’ve ever had, and I’ve had quite a lot of jackets. I also believe in quality when it comes to jeans. I prefer my jeans to be super soft and don’t mind paying a bit more to get that quality.

Are you a clearance shopper? What is your best rummage sale, thrift store or clearance story? Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to add? I’d love to hear it!

Stay Sweet,




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7/8/11 Shopping Trip

I woke up today and decided to go to Goodwill. I needed something pink for a breast cancer event, and had a feeling that I’d find more than just something pink. As usual, it was a success.

I got the shirt with pink on it. It’s a white tshirt with pink flowers outlined by silver details. It’s really pretty and I think it’ll be great in the hot sun. I also got a long yellow button down with a tie around the waist. I’m not sure how to style it but my gut instinct told me to buy it. I’ll be doing research on that. I’d love to hear your ideas on how to style it. What would you do? What colors would you pair with yellow?

I also got a beige floral lace shirt, a denim and lace blazer and a camo blazer with bead and stitch detailing. That was my wild card purchase today. I’m pretty excited with it.

What do you think of camo? Do you wear it? How do you style it?
Stay Sweet,


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Photo: Laundry Day!

Very rarely will I go out of the house in just sweats. I like my outfits to be seen, and I love to see people’s reactions. One thing I found yesterday is that people here in Wisco just don’t like any type of heel with shorts. I’d like to talk to you about that.

There are so many different types of heels out there that it can make one’s head spin. Then, there are shorts, dresses, rompers… all sorts of things that show off your legs. How do you wear a heel with shorts and not look cheap? Like this!

Wedges are fun and relaxed. You can dress them up or down, and they are much easier on your feet than heels. They are becoming a staple in a lot of women’s closets, and they make your legs look toned and long. If you aren’t a fan of wedges but still want to try heels and shorts, avoid denim. Make a pair of shorts in a neutral tone, such as brown, khaki, white or black, your base. Then add a colorful top and a pair of heels that match one of the colors in the top. Add some simple jewelry.

Here’s my laundry day outfit. I used a burnt orange as my base (the stripes in my shirt). They are in line with cream, so I decided to go with brown shorts. I put on cream and tan wedges with rope detailing, and a white and gold bracelet.

Shirt: Wet Seal, $14.99 on clearance

Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters, $24.99

Wedges: Soda, $12.00 on clearance

Bracelet: Rummage sale

Necklace: My dad’s gold cross



What do you wear for laundry day?

Stay sweet,


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Polka Dots – From Runway to You! (photo)

This photo is from Dolce and Gabbana’s Fall 2011 show. Polka dots are very popular with young and old alike. I am going to show you how to take the runway look and do it in every day life.

Now, here is my version of this outfit.

Dress: Candies, Kohl’s. $39.99

Shoes: Chinese Laundry $59.99 original, got them at Goodwill for $5.99

Socks: Wal-Mart, $5.00 for a set of three.

Necklace: My dad’s gold cross.

Let me know what you think! What runway looks do you wish you could copy?

Stay Sweet,


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