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Why The Nude Shoe Is Perfect!

Last year, nude heels became a huge trend. They are one of those trends that will turn into a normal, every day thing – like skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, lace, polka dots, pointy toes, and black boots. Nude heels go with anything and everything, from jeans to formal, cocktail dresses.

Nude heels will elongate your legs and make them look amazing. They’ll add muscle tone – what girl doesn’t want that?! A good pair of nude heels should always be packed for a trip. They will be a life saver for any outfit that you bring or buy while you are gone.

These are my go-to nude heels:

They are Nadara. I bought them at Journey’s on clearance for $19.99.

Here are a few other pairs that I love and recommend.



Steve Madden – they always have awesome, durable heels.

Nude wedges – great for someone that wants height but isn’t comfortable in heels.

Alexander McQueen – strange and amazing all in one.

Nude heels dress up an outfit, and add an air of sophistication.

Kim Kardashian, one of my favorite style icons.

Nude heels can be dressed down, and worn with jeans, shorts, just about anything!

What about the women who aren’t big into heels? There are adorable nude flats out there, and they will also elongate your legs!

For super casual days, or times when going barefoot isn’t appropriate, there are flat sandals in nude that will help you achieve the barefoot look so many women love today without actually going barefoot. I love being barefoot just like most of you do, but it’s inappropriate in some cases – bars, family events, fairs, and so on.

The nude flat gives the outfit below the perfect touch.

A sweater vest that is busy like this one does great on it’s own – nude flats are the perfect shoe choice.

Nude boots have to be styled carefully. If done wrong, they can give off the wrong impression.


You can’t go wrong with a nude shoe. They are very popular right now, and can be found anywhere, from full price to final sale clearance!


Stay Sweet,


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