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How To Organize Your Closet!

By now, most of you have seen the photos on my Facebook page of my closet. It looks like a disaster, and it usually is. But, believe it or not, my closet is organized by style and color. I’m going to help you go through your closet, organize it, and figure out what to throw away, donate or sell.

To Keep or Not To Keep:

We all have this dilemma – should I keep this? I’m going to help you decide what should be kept and what shouldn’t. *Don’t follow this rule: If you haven’t worn it in 6 months to a year, send it to a new home!*


* Something you’ve invested money in. A good brand name shirt, blazer, skirt or pair of pants, for example. Even if it’s out of style right now and you haven’t worn it in awhile, still hang on to it.

* Something you really love. I’ve made the mistake of getting rid of clothes that I adored, and it was because they either weren’t in style or I hadn’t worn them in awhile. That’s one thing I’ll never do again!

* Basics, like ribbed tanks, cami’s, tights, dressy socks, and thermals. These will always come in handy.

* Band t-shirts. If you paid $30 for a t-shirt like I did for Hollywood Undead (my favorite band), then the shirt was worth it. Even if you haven’t worn it in ages, it’s something to hold on to because it’ll always be special to you.

* If your gut instinct says to hold on to it, then listen! This is another thing I didn’t do, and regret it.

* If you can’t decide, hang on to it.


* If you’ve fallen out of love with something, it’s time to send it on it’s way.

* If you just know you’ll never wear it again, send it on it’s way.

* If you have similar items (very, very similar), pick your favorites and send the other’s to new homes.

* If your best friend, sister, mom, aunt or whoever would totally love it, does totally love it, looks better in it (be honest with yourself), give it to them if you’re getting rid of it.

* It doesn’t fit any longer. Be honest with yourself about this. If you keep something that is too small for you, wearing it will make you look bigger than you actually are. If it’s too big for you, you will erase all the shape you have to your body and look like you are drowning in it.


* If it has holes in it. For me, this doesn’t include my ribbed tanks that I love so much. They’re never seen, so I keep the ones with little holes in them.

* If it’s stained and you can’t get the stain out.

* If it’s torn.

* If it’s faded, pilled, permanently wrinkled or creased, or if the age just shows on it.



My favorite thing to do when I get rid of my clothes is to donate them to charity, like Goodwill, or give them to my friends or friends daughters. Being that I am only 5’0 and 90lbs, I can share clothes with some of my friends daughters. They love going through my stuff to pick out what they want, and rarely leave anything behind. I also really enjoy taking stuff to Goodwill. It’s an amazing cause. I also have friends that are my size that I can give clothes to.

If you have something that you you’d like to sell, I recommend eBay, Craigslist, a rummage sale or posting on your Facebook account that you are selling it. You can take it to places like Plato’s Closet, but you won’t get the kind of money you would get from selling it different places. Plato’s takes in a ton of clothes and needs to make a profit off of what you sell to them, so they’ll usually give you between 20-40% of what they’re going to sell it for.

Before you sell something, do research. Find out if the item is still in style. You will get the most money for the trendiest items. Figure out how long you’ve had the item, and what you wear with it. Make sure you take several photos before you post it online (not needed for a rummage sale). If you put the asking price too high, you will have less of a chance of selling it. If you put it too low, you’ll have to let it go for $.99 if that’s the only bid you get. If you do Craigslist and want, say $10 for something, make sure you put ‘firm’ in the description.


I keep my shoes. Since it’s more of an addiction than a collection, I only get rid of them if they’re in bad shape or something breaks on them. If you would like to get rid of shoes, get rid of the ones in the worst shape first, unless you really love them. Don’t donate beat up, worn out shoes. Chances are they’ll get thrown away before they make it to the floor of the store to be resold, since they won’t be sellable.

Jewelry is something I also keep. I only toss something if it’s broken.

Belts come and go with trends. Your closet should always have a brown belt, black belt and white belt as staples. Colored and decorated belts are also great to have. If you are a belt person, don’t get rid of something just because it’s out of style or you haven’t worn it in awhile. Belts can be re-purposed.

Hats are tricky. If you decide to get rid of a hat, make sure it’s not stained. The rules above should apply to hats as well.

I love scarves. I say keep them all, but I’m biased since I love them. I have scarves from the 60’s all the way to 2011. The vintage ones were my mom’s and most are Givenchy. Scarves add an element of class and style to an outfit that jewelry can’t. They are effortless.

A lot of women love handbags. I have about 25 bags. They aren’t a true love of mine as I use the same bag every day – it’s a camera bag, actually, and it’s lovely. There is a picture of it on the Facebook page. Handbags can make an outfit, or add just the perfect touch to an outfit. Keep your bag if you love it or it will go with an out fit. Or, of course, if you collect them. Re-home if it’s in good shape but you don’t love it anymore and would like to make room for new bags. Toss if it’s broken, torn, stained, or falling apart.

Remember, you can always sell any of these accessories that are in good shape!


My closet is organized like this: ribbed tanks, cami’s, other tanks and dressy sleeveless shirts, short sleeved vests, t-shirts, dress t-shirts, t-shirt dresses, short sleeved button downs, dresses (all), cardigans, thermals, long sleeved t’s, long neck sweaters, turtlenecks, dressy coats, and winter vests. Regular cashmere, wool and cotton sweaters are on the top shelf of the closet. Sweatshirts are now living on top of my hope chest since there is just no room for them. My jeans, skirts, shorts, leggings and other random things live inside the hope chest. Everything in the closet, each category, is then put together by color – ROYGBIVBGBW. My jeans are in two piles – holey and not holey. I keep my band t-shirts in a dresser drawer. I have long skirts in a drawer as well.

Start out by taking everything in your keep pile and deciding what you wear the most. In this day and age, you can hang up anything and not worry about it stretching or pulling. Clothes are much more durable these days, so no worries there.

Ribbed tanks come first in my closet. I wear one every single day, so aside of bra and panties, it’s the first thing I put on. Do you wear a tank every day? If so, put them first. I have vests next. Not everyone is a vest person. If you aren’t, that’s alright. T-shirts are next. They are worn year round as a layering piece, and usually will go over the tank or over a thermal. I have my button downs in two different places because it’s easier for me to find something if it’s long sleeved or short sleeved and in that area. If it’s easier for you to have all button downs in one place, set them aside. Dresses are in the middle. Dressy dresses, casual dresses, they all live together. Cardigans are next. I am big on them. After that, I recommend button downs. I know mine isn’t that way, but I do things strangely. After that, turtle necks, long necks, vests and sweatshirts. You can do everything in color order if it works for you. It’s all what you like best!







Button downs


Turtle necks

Long necks

Winter vests



If you’d like help with this in person, let me know. I’d be happy to help you organize your closet!


Stay Sweet,



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