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Outfit Idea!

I have this white fedora that I am obsessed with. I wanted a fedora for a long time, and finally got a white one. I figured it would go with everything, so why not? One night I was staring at it and thinking of ideas on how to wear it. I came up with an idea I want to share with you. Because I’ve been sick, I can’t post a photo of me wearing the outfit, so I’m going to post separates for you to see.

This is the fedora that stole my heart.

A silver or gold sequined tank is the way to go with this outfit. I’ll explain why at the bottom.

Destroyed denim shorts add a touch of edge.

Fun, blue shoes make the outfit cool-girl-trendy.

A clear bangle with lace detail inside keeps the outfit fun and interesting.

There is no necklace with this outfit. That is because the top is covered in sequins, and it stands on it’s own. It’s the main focal point of the outfit and a necklace would be too much for the outfit, and it would take away from the shirt. One thing you could do is get a thin white men’s tie and tie it around your neck like a scarf. Cool girl, amplified. I’ve done it both ways.

Any sequins besides silver or gold would not be attractive with this outfit. Black would tone the outfit down. This isn’t the right outfit to color block with, so colors are out. If you used blue, you’d be too blue, and that’d be a disaster. Has anyone done an outfit like this before? Do you have photos? This is my go-to outfit for summer. Farmer’s Market, Festivals, Carnivals, Cookouts, The Park… it’s very versatile.

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