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Stay Cool, Stay Chic

This summer has been so different here in the States. I live in Wisconsin, one of the coldest states in the winter. We look forward to summer so much that by March, we are breaking out the flip flops and open-toed pumps. But this year, it seemed like summer forgot about us. In the beginning of June, it was still in the mid 50’s outside and raining. Were the poles changing? Did something happen to our magnetic field? Or was this a chance for sales to last a little longer so we could stock up on more summer clothes?

Now, it’s in the 90’s and super humid. We’re staying inside with our air conditioners because it’s extreme for us. My friend C. lives in Texas and yesterday she called and said it was 111 degrees there. At night, it’s still in the high 80’s. C. is half Wisconsonite, so she can handle the “cold” in Texas, but the heat is something she hadn’t dealt with in years. I’m going to show you how to stay cool and chic at the same time.

As is Rhett’s style, I’m going to talk about what not to do first. I think it’s a lot easier to pick out clothes and make pairings when you know what you shouldn’t do. Let’s start with the first layer:

Bras: Ladies, these can be your best friend and worst enemy. Tops come in a variety of styles today, and so do bras. I understand that women with large chests have a hard time with bras. Strapless bras aren’t always an option. I’d like to share a miracle in the bra market – the tube top bra. It’s got elastic on the top and the bottom, so you won’t risk it suddenly appearing around your ankles. Some also come with padding for the not so busty ladies who like padding. But Rhett, you are thinking, aren’t they expensive? No, they aren’t! Remember, Rhett is huge into clearance and inexpensive shopping, and I found one on Amazon for $5.50! This is what a tube top bra looks like:


Wet Seal and Forever 21 also sell them and they go on clearance with every sale, so be sure to check there as well! The sizes go up to XXL, which is usually a large D cup. I recommend buying one in nude, so you can wear it with everything.

Now, on to bra straps. So many tops are cut to have very low backs, are shoulderless, have high necks and no sleeves… the possibilities go on and on. The last thing you want is your bra showing. It looks careless. Bras that can be transformed into many different styles are also sold. Target is my favorite place to get them. I have two, and they rock!

Panties: A huge Rhett no-no is showing your thong. Ladies, we all wear them. Some wear them for sexiness, some for comfort, some because there is nothing else clean in the panty drawer so that’s what you grab. Sometimes you just can’t help it and the sucker creeps up your back. That happens and there is nothing you can do about it, at least until you check or some wonderful person let’s you know that your thong is up your back. Belts will help you solve this problem. Or, wear seamless panties in a bikini style. They don’t creep and they don’t show, and they are so comfy!

On to clothes. We want to be as cool as possible while still looking chic. I promise, it is possible.

Shorts: You want your shorts to be fitted and formed to your body without your booty hanging out. It doesn’t matter how nice your booty is, it’s a fashion disaster all the way. Find a pair of shorts that form to your butt and have higher pockets. Your butt will look lifted and it will be covered. Colored shorts are huge this summer. A pair of fun shorts paired with a neutral top will keep you looking chic and cool.

Tops: Stay away from anything super tight. A flowy, loose top will give you a nice breeze and keep you looking stylish and trendy. Floral shirts are feminine and pretty, stylish and chic and can be carried into fall. If you are wearing an off the shoulder top, make sure you have on a strapless bra, a tube top bra, or a tank underneath, so we avoid the bra strap disaster. You can wear colored tops with colored shorts. Here is how: make sure the colors compliment each other on the color wheel (I’ll have a wheel below for you).  Stripes are also a fun way to show of your style. I would pair red shorts with a top that has yellow stripes in it.

Dresses: Never underestimate the power of a sundress. Fun, flirty and flowy, these little dresses go from day to night like it’s no one’s business. They come in so many styles and colors that you’ll never have a shortage of what to pick. I love dresses from http://www.ricketyrack.com, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Delias’s, http://www.ideeli.com and of course, thrift stores!

Shoes: Rhett doesn’t wear flip flops often. I love anything with a heel so that is what I always wear. Wearing a wedge with shorts will elongate your legs and show off your muscles. You can wear a stiletto with shorts, but go with a short heel. Flip flops of course are great if you are trying to stay cool. Boat shoes look chic and fun, and you can wear them anywhere. I love Sperry TopSider’s line.

Here is a photo of me in one of my favorite stay cool outfits:

That is my natural wavy hair. I usually blow dry it and then straighten it, but that day I was feeling lazy so I just let it be. I do put Morrocanoil in my hair to keep it hydrated, soft and shiny. Natural waves are beachy and great in the summer.

Top: American Eagle Outfitters, 2008 (I think) $6.99 on clearance

Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters, $24.99

Shoes: Mossimo for Target, $4.49 on clearance (this year)

Necklace: Viktor/Viktoria  $6.99

Bracelet: Rummage Sale

The general color wheel rule is opposites attract – whatever is directly across from a color will match best. Here are two color wheels for you to look at.


I like to mix things up, so I’ll wear colors that are close to each other on the wheel, just to see what it’ll look like and the reactions I’ll get from people

How do you stay cool and chic at the same time? Do you follow the color wheel rule?


Stay Sweet,



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