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Request: Fashion For Not-So-Skinny Girls!

Recently, I was told by my friend A. that she wishes she could dress like me. A. is curvy – she has a large chest and hips. She also had a baby, so her body has changed. A. would like to be able to dress trendy and fashionable, and not make the mistakes that many curvy women do. This blog is dedicated to all of the curvy, not-so-skinny women out there. I’m here to help you dress like I do and feel amazing in your clothes!

I’d like to touch on a very common mistake. Women of all shapes and sizes are obsessed with the letter on the tag. I can’t stress enough that each and every store and label sizes things differently. I have things in a size L, and things in XXS. Try different sizes on to see what fits you best. Don’t worry about the letter on the tag. You are not defined by your size.

Now, since we are on the subject of size, let’s talk about proper fit. Wearing something too small for your body does not flatter, or fool, anyone. The same with wearing something too big. I’m not sure why women wear things too big. I know they wear things too small because most don’t like to admit their size. There is nothing wrong with embracing whatever size you are. To be honest, ladies, I am so small that I have to compete with pre-teen girls for jeans. I am so short that I can only buy jeans in size short, and once again, I have to compete. Only certain places sell jeans that properly fit my small body, and those places are popular among the teen crowd.

If a shirt is too snug, try on a bigger size. You will be much sexier in a top that fits you correctly. It will show off your curves better and you will feel better about yourself. Avoid fabrics that are overly clingy, and shirts that are super tight. I don’t like super tight clothing on anyone of any size. It’s so hard to pull off and even on my small frame, I think it looks bad. If a shirt is too big, try on a smaller size. Sometimes you won’t find a happy medium with an item, and that means it just wasn’t meant to be. You get to hunt for an even better top that you love more than the one that didn’t work out. If you can’t find a happy medium, don’t force it to work.

When buying shirts, look for things that will accentuate your waistline. That is, your true waist. Today’s society seems to think that the waist is around the hip area. It’s not. Your waist is where your curves go in, where your ribs get smaller. Putting a belt, a ruched pull, a tie, or anything of that nature around your waist will instantly slim you down. Avoid super short shirts. They will shorten your midsection and therefore make you look wider. This is a look that doesn’t flatter anyone either. Forever 21, Wet Seal, Torrid, Target and Walmart all sell great waist belts. I recommend picking up a few – black, brown, white and a color, so you always have an option. Here are some examples:



For jeans, dark denim flatters everyone. Jeans with a medium wash thigh will make your thighs look smaller. Skinny jeans show everything, so unless that is the look you truly want, avoid them. Go for straight leg instead. A flared jean will add height and measure up with your hips, making your look pulled together. For your butt, look for a pair with high pockets. They’ll add lift to your butt and make it look more toned and defined. The more spread apart the pockets are, the bigger your butt will look. And always make sure the hem is the right length. If they aren’t, you’ll be shortened and widened. Examples:


Now, let’s talk capri pants. This is a very hard style to get right, because they can be so unflattering. As with jeans, fit counts. Baggy capri’s will add weight to you and make you look wider than you are. I recommend a capri pant that is fitted right above the calf, and under the knee cap. Here is an example (she is thin, but it is to show a fitted capri pant):

One other thing I’d like to touch on are tops that have elastic on the bottoms. These are great, because they are baggier above the elastic, and therefore hide things. If you are uncomfortable with your tummy, a shirt like this can be a lifesaver. Tanks, T’s, thermals, sweaters… they all come in this style.

I hope this blog will help you be more comfortable in your style. If you need more help, please feel free to contact me. I can go shopping with you and go through your closet and help you make outfits best suited for your body.

Stay Sweet,



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  1. Being a bigger woman myself, I find this article helpful. But after looking at the pictures, I realize I am bigger than those models. Do all these tips work on women of any larger size?

    Comment by Erin | July 12, 2011 | Reply

    • Hi Erin,

      Yes, they do. If you try them out, let me know how they work for you. Thank you for the comment!


      Comment by rhett19 | July 12, 2011 | Reply

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