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A Fall 2011 Idea For You!

I came across this photo and just fell in love with the outfit. I loved the detailed denim jacket, the sequins, the white pants and the rockstar shoes. It all looks so fresh and updated. A lot of trends are mixed here.

A word on mixing trends: some say this is something you shouldn’t do, but I disagree. If you do it the right way, mixing trends can create a lot of fun, unique outfits. It’s hard to mix runway looks because they’re extreme. We’re getting lucky with this fall, because looks are toned down a bit and it’s easy to bring them to life. Be careful when doing so, because this is an easy way to become a fashion disaster. I also recommend not trying to copy exactly. Fashion is about individuality and expression. It should be your own, and fit your own unique style.

This is at Balmain, one of my favorite designers. The jacket is a military style. The sequins add a feminine touch, while the destroyed denim and studded shoes keep the look edgy.

Here is my version.

I used a more feminine jacket for my version.

Jacket: Goodwill, $4.99. Inside tag removed.

Sequined Tank: Mossimo, Target. $6.99 on clearance

Jeans: Aeropostale. $9.99 on clearance.

Shoes: Paprika, DEB, http://www.debshops.com. $24.99

Necklace: My dad’s gold cross

I love this outfit and can’t wait to wear it out. I’d wear it to dinner with my husband, dancing with my friends, to a family event… just about anywhere. It’s very versatile. What do you think of it? Would you wear it, or is there something you would change?

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