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Photo: Laundry Day!

Very rarely will I go out of the house in just sweats. I like my outfits to be seen, and I love to see people’s reactions. One thing I found yesterday is that people here in Wisco just don’t like any type of heel with shorts. I’d like to talk to you about that.

There are so many different types of heels out there that it can make one’s head spin. Then, there are shorts, dresses, rompers… all sorts of things that show off your legs. How do you wear a heel with shorts and not look cheap? Like this!

Wedges are fun and relaxed. You can dress them up or down, and they are much easier on your feet than heels. They are becoming a staple in a lot of women’s closets, and they make your legs look toned and long. If you aren’t a fan of wedges but still want to try heels and shorts, avoid denim. Make a pair of shorts in a neutral tone, such as brown, khaki, white or black, your base. Then add a colorful top and a pair of heels that match one of the colors in the top. Add some simple jewelry.

Here’s my laundry day outfit. I used a burnt orange as my base (the stripes in my shirt). They are in line with cream, so I decided to go with brown shorts. I put on cream and tan wedges with rope detailing, and a white and gold bracelet.

Shirt: Wet Seal, $14.99 on clearance

Shorts: American Eagle Outfitters, $24.99

Wedges: Soda, $12.00 on clearance

Bracelet: Rummage sale

Necklace: My dad’s gold cross



What do you wear for laundry day?

Stay sweet,



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