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Rhett on Nail Polish

This 4th of July weekend, I decided that I wanted to have blue nails. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, and I figured I’d try out this new trend to see what I thought of  it. Since I’m not a huge fan of blue, this presented a challenge when I went to my nail polish drawer to see what I could find. Among the pinks, purples, neutrals, blacks and sparkles, I found two blues – Starry Blue and Ocean Blue. Now, which to go with?

I choose Starry Blue. It’s a bit lighter than navy and it will act like a neutral for almost any color I wear. I had to get off the old salmon color I had on, and discovered I was out of nail polish remover. Here’s a Rhett secret for my readers: carburetor cleaner! My husband, Diesel, has no less than 5 cans of it laying around the house and garage. I found a can and off I headed to the bathroom to remove my old polish. Carb cleaner takes polish off a lot faster than standard nail polish remover and it won’t spread the old stuff all over your cuticles. You can get a can at Wal-Mart for less than $2 in the automotive section. It will last longer than your remover!

I shook up the Starry Blue and got to work. I did one swipe over my big toe and instantly was in love.  I continued on painting and then stood up and looked down at my work. Starry Blue looked fresh and trendy. It looked classic and new at the same time. On to my fingernails it went.

The next day was the 4th of July. My outfit was a navy organza tshirt from The Limited that was covered in roses ($9.99 on clearance), cut-off shorts from Target ($6.99 on clearance), a red beaded necklace from the 70’s that was my moms, and one red, white and blue bangle bracelet. My shoes were off-white and rope wedges ($12.00 at DEB on clearance), and they were about 4 inches high. Not being a blue person, all the blue together made me nervous. I looked in the mirror and discovered that I managed to pull off blue pretty well!

Now, the last thing was to look down at my feet to see how Starry Blue did with off-white wedges. I was pleasantly surprised. The three colors (blue, white and tan) set each other off perfectly, with blue acting as the neutral.

I received some feedback on nail polish after posting about Starry Blue on Facebook. Alyssa said that she was wearing blue too and that blue looks great with white sandals. I couldn’t agree more with her. Blue and white set each other off very well, and you can get a funky look or a laid back, classic look. Blue and white can be nautical, work appropriate, BBQ-chic, wedding-esq, basically anything. Nicole said she was wearing teal and it was new for her. When asked what she normally wears, Nicole said she does pinks and blacks, limes and purples, and sparkles. She wanted to try something new and isn’t a yellow or orange person, so she opted for a color called Teal of Fortune. She loves the look with black flip-flops. Black makes teal pop and you can add another bright color in with the two. Teal is very easy on the eyes and is a naturally calming color.

Ashley commented that Katy Perry has a new line of nail polish called Shatter. After doing some research, I’ve found that this particular style is all over the internet. You paint it on very thin and then it “crackles”, revealing another color. Ashley likes punk-rock music and is very self aware, so this style is perfect for her. I wouldn’t recommend it for the Girl-Next-Door type, as it’s very edgy and extreme compared to neutrals and pinks.

Scenario: You want to try a new nail polish color, but aren’t sure where to begin. Take your time and look at photos of nails online. Google images returns thousands of results. Find something you like that isn’t too much outside of your norm. I recommend buying a cheaper bottle at first, since it’s a trial run. If you usually go for classic pinks and neutrals, don’t go for florescent orange or yellow or green. Try a mustard, or a leaf green. For a more edgy look, try charcoal. Once you get more comfortable with having extreme nails, then go for the crazy bright, fun, funky colors. Once that is accomplished, try this: pick a dark base, and do 3 coats. Then, pick a bright color, and do polka-dots or stripes.

What are Rhett’s favorite nail polish colors, you ask? Well, I love black. I am a very edgy, outspoken, intimidating person and black nails fit my personality. I will also do purples and pinks, brights and neutrals. I’m all about experimenting. I’ve been doing crazy nails my entire life, so it comes naturally. All except blue… until Starry, that is.

Rhett tip: Try not to buy colors that are super similar. You will be wasting your money if you have a bunch of light pinks, tans, salmons and beige’s in your collection.

Have any nail polish tips you’d like to add? Let me know!

Stay Sweet,



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