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Signature Pieces – Rhett Style!

I love, love, LOVE people that have signature pieces. That is, an item, color or style that they always work into what they’re wearing or doing. It sets them out from everyone else and makes them unique and complex.

We, in America, have an epidemic of ladies wearing the same thing. Any festival, bar, club, party or store has oodles of gorgeous women all wearing variations of the same outfit. They all blend in and ultimately look like robots. The wide world of fashion and expression is just that – wide. There is so much you can do to set yourself aside from looking universal, and it’s quiet simple – signature pieces!

Rhett has two signature pieces. The first one is an Italian leather jacket my mom bought me when I was 14. I’ve had it for 12 years and wear it all the time. I absolutely adore this jacket. It’s been with me for so long that it’s a part of me. I wear it with everything, from my wedding gown to pajamas, and literally anything and everything in between. It fits me to a T, is a mirror of my personality, and is comfortable.

The second signature is my shoes. I’ve built a reputation for myself as the Queen. I have people send me photos of shoes on sale, website links, and just flat out give me them. They take over my house, and I spend a lot of time each week going over my favorite shoe sites and blogs to see what’s new and who is wearing what. Diesel, my husband, is amazingly supportive of my shoe habit and happily puts shoe racks together for me, or helps me re-arrange them so I can fit more into a small spaces.

Rhett doesn’t have a signature color. I am extremely diverse and one color doesn’t suit my complex personality. I do know women who do have a color (no, not black), and they do it SO well! If I did decide to do a signature color, I would be going to those wise women for tips!

Pink is, and always will be, a very popular color. While I like pink, I recommend picking something different since it is so popular and chances are the girl next to you just loves pink too. Check out red or purple, two colors that are either loved or hated.

Scenario: Alright, you’ve chosen your signature color. How do you do it now? Minimally is the answer. We are going to go with yellow for this scenario. You are just all excited for a night out with your girls. You always have a blast and you are ready to unveil yellow as a new part of Y.O.U. Great! You dig out all of your yellow clothes and accessories, and before long your bed is covered in shades upon shades of yellow. Here is what I would do: Pick out your darkest jeans. Now, find a yellow shirt you love and want to wear that night. The dark denim will set off the yellow and make it glow. Next, you need yellow shoes. This is very tricky, since yellow comes in many shades. Try to match the yellows as close as possible. Now, top it off with a silver necklace and silver bangles and you are good to go! (Rhett Tip: feeling gutsy? Try gold accessories!) Another outfit idea is medium wash jeans, a black shirt, black shoes and yellow accessories.

If you’d like to do a signature piece, go with jewelry or jackets. Build a reputation as the girl with the awesome jewelry. Don’t know where to find fun jewelry? Everywhere! Rummage sales, thrift shops, clearance sales… the possibilities are endless with those three options. If you’d like to go the jacket route, build your reputation as the girl with the coolest jackets ever. Again, these can be found anywhere, and usually for great deals in January and February.

Signature styles are tricky. Unfortunately, today’s world is very labeled. You are either preppy, punk, goth, athletic… you get it. If Rhett had a signature style, it would be the I Dress In Different Styles Every Day group. One day you’ll find me in dark eye makeup, studs, chains and spikes, and the next day I’ll be in a sundress and wedges. To do a signature style, you need to know first what you are going for. Are you the pretty girl with an edge? Do you always want to dress girly and flirty? Or do you have a don’t mess with me attitude and want to show it with your outfits? Yes, that all does sound like Rhett. For flirty and girly, go with pastel colors, soft hair and natural makeup. Wedges are great for this style. For a don’t mess with me look, you can still have a girly look, but add in a studded shirt, or shoes with spikes. Do you need help finding a signature style? Let me know. I’d be happy to help you grow into your own personal signature that you can show off.

Whether you do a signature piece, color or style, you will always have a piece of uniqueness all your own. Do this with confidence. It will only help you grow into your stylish self!

Stay Sweet,



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