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Golden Flowers

What is it with me and gold? I always seem to accessorize using gold. To my eye, it seems to go with everything.


Sean and I were doing errands today and paying bills (yay rent!). There aren’t many days left in summer so I’m trying to milk it as best I can.


Are you excited for fall? What colors do you accessorize with?



Tank: Wet Seal, $3.99 Black Friday 2009

Skirt: Kirra, Pac Sun, $4.99 Black Friday 2011

Belt: Body Central, $1.90, Tanger Outlets, Delaware

Heels: Payless, $19.99, Black Friday 2011

Necklace: Vintage, 1970’s, my mom’s


Stay Sweet,



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Black & Red

I’ve been making an outfit list idea for awhile now. The problem is, they’re all fall outfit ideas. I’m not sure what my problem is lately, but I just couldn’t come up with an outfit for today. I’d bring clothes and shoes out of my closet, drop them on the bed in front of Sean, and he’d say, “too red,” too blue,” “why did you pick that color?” and so on. And, of course, he was right. Back into the closet I’d go to find another outfit.

This was last night.

I gave up.

Today, I walked into my closet and spotted a pair of shoes I hadn’t worn in awhile. My outfit was born! Nice, clean black and red. I trotted out of the closet and Sean had a huge smile on his face when he saw me. He loved my outfit too,

I love this outfit. It’s so simple, yet has a lot going on.

Tshirt: Express, Goodwill, $3.99

Shorts: Aeropostale, $7.99 on clearance

Belt: Forever21, $3.80

Heels: Iron Fist Rawr Power, Christmas Gift

Necklace: Vintage, my mom’s

Dog tag: Sean’s

Other jewelry: My everyday stuff

Stay Sweet,




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How to style khaki capri’s – work or play!

My friend Julie recently started a new job that requires her to wear khaki capri’s or khaki pants during the winter months. Julie came to me and asked me to help her style her khaki’s. Khaki’s are always a popular choice among women for dress wear, play wear and travel wear.

When wearing khaki capri’s or pants for work, you don’t want them to be uber tight. Looser is best in a work environment.
This is an example of too-tight bottoms for work:

Khaki capri’s:

Here are examples of longer capri’s, in between classic capri’s, pants and cigarette pants:

Khaki pants:

Now, what to wear with khaki’s? In Julie’s case, she has to wear a work shirt, which is navy blue:

Before I go into other tops, here are shoe ideas for outfits with navy blue tops and khaki pants:

You can never go wrong with a pair of Converse shoes, especially if you’re on your feet all day, every day.

Accessories: Belts are important in the workplace. You don’t want to have any oopsie moments!

Avoid black belts when wearing navy shirts. Belts serve more than one purpose (although the main one is holding up your pants!) Belts break up your outfit. I happen to like brown and navy together, and brown always goes with khaki. You can also opt for a white belt to tie in your Converse shoes.

What do you wear outside of work with khaki bottoms? I’m a huge fan of burgundy and maroon, as well as olive, black and brown. Avoid light colors such a white, pink, light blue, neon’s and other pastels. Light on light will make your outfit look washed out.

I love the look of thermals with khaki’s, which is great for winter.

Always make sure that your belt goes with your color scheme. Black shirt = black, silver or colored belt. Brown shirt = lighter brown, green, gold or white belt. When wearing colored shirts, pick the belt that best matches your color, or opt for a colored belt for a fun look.

Wedges look great with capri’s. They extend your legs and are easier to walk in then traditional heels. Just like belts, black shirts = black wedges, brown shirts = brown wedges, and when wearing a colored shirt, pick the best color wedge and belt that matches your shirt.

Where to buy:

Khaki’s – JC Penny, Kohl’s, Target, Macy’s, Marshall’s and Gordman’s are all great places to look. Check clearance racks first for great deals!

Shirts – Everywhere! I always recommend that you shop anywhere and every where.

Belts – A great place for belts are thrift stores and second-hand stores. They always have a huge selection.

Wedges – I love Journey’s, http://www.piperlime.com, http://www.gojane.com, Famous Footwear and Payless

Converse – Journey’s or http://www.converse.com

Khaki’s are a great investment. No matter where you work, they are almost always a suitable option, and they’re great for play as well.

Stay Sweet,


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Walking to work/class in the winter? Look here for fashion tips!

My friend Liz came to me recently and said, “Rhett, I’m going to be walking to class during these cold Wisconsin winters and I don’t know what to wear. I want to be warm on my walk but not roasting inside. Help!” Liz, you know that I love to help you. Here are some ideas to keep you cozy but cool.


Thermals: I’m a sucker for thermals. My best friend Kelly started wearing them long before I did and she always looks so cute in them, so I decided to try them. I have a grey one from Aerie that I just love, and now I can’t get enough of them. Thanks, Kel.


Thermals are great because they keep you warm but not roasting. You can roll your sleeves up easily to cool down if you get too warm. You can also layer under and over them – a tank underneath (which is something that I always recommend), and a T over the thermal.

Black is always a great color choice. It goes with everything and anything!

Grey is so warm and inviting. Pair this with a fun neon necklace to brighten things up on a cold winter day.

I love leopard print. It’s such a great neutral and is so fun to wear!

When wearing this strong of a blue, stick with either indigo jeans or white jeans. Yes, you CAN wear white after Labor Day!

This thermal is dedicated to my best friend Kelly and to Liz, whom this blog is for. Always make sure you support your favorite team!
Where to buy thermals: You can get them anywhere. I like the selection at Target, The Northface, Walmart and Wet Seal. You can get them for inexpensive and keep them for years to come!
Boyfriend Jeans: I just love this trend. They’re so light and loose, as opposed to the tightness of the other jeans out there. Loose pants = more warmth. Believe it or not, there is nowhere for heat to go when you’re wearing skin tight pants. In looser pants, the heat has little pockets to gather in, therefore keeping you warmer.


Where to buy boyfriend jeans: My pair is from Abercrombie and Fitch. I try to only buy jeans there because they fit me so well (I’m 5’0 and a size 0). However, I ONLY buy them on clearance. I also like American Eagle jeans, Gap jeans, Target jeans, Lucky Brand jeans and occaisonally Aeropostale jeans.

Boots: You always want to make sure your boots are insulated. Otherwise your feet will be wet and cold for the rest of the day. Always make sure to spray your boots with a suede spray to protect them from salt and water.

If you can only buy one pair of boots, go for a color that matches the majority of your wardwrobe. My main pair of winter boots are white and black Sorel’s.
Where to buy winter boots: I got my boots at Fleet Farm. You can check any sporting goods store for a good pair of boots. Don’t forget the spray!

Scarves: This is a great way to stay warm outside but cool inside. You can take the scarf off, stuff it in a bag and put it back on before you go outside. You’re going to want a thick scarf, not a fashion scarf. Fashion scarves are great but they aren’t so good for keeping you warm on cold winter days. You can get these in a majority of colors and patterns. Have fun with your scarves!

Where to buy scarves: Nearly anywhere that sells clothing will sell scarves. Opt for a medium to long length so you can wrap it around your neck and then tie it.

Jackets: Your winter jacket is the most important thing you’ll wear on days like this. My main jacket is from Abercrombie and Fitch. I got it in 2007 and still wear it nearly every day in the winter. It was $200 and worth every penny. Opt for a coat that is down-filled, not filled with the cheapy fluff stuff. Goose down is a natural insulater and incredibly warm. I have a jacket that’s almost identical to my Abercrombie one but it’s not goose down and that makes it signifigantly colder. Also, opt for a jacket with a removable hood that is faux fur lined.


Avoid pea coats. They are adorable, I know, but they won’t keep you warm like a true winter jacket will. The exception is if  you can find a flannel lined pea coat. I used to have one by Abercrombie and Fitch, but my best friend Kelly loved it so much that I gave it to her.


Where to buy jackets: Quality is everything when it comes to a good jacket. I love Abercrombie and Fitch, Gap, and Kenneth Cole.
Cardigans: If you get to warm, just take it off. Cardigans go with anything and everything, from jeans or shorts to a formal dress. They’re a fail-safe, and one of my addictions.

Where to buy cardigans: Anywhere and everywhere. The best time to buy is late spring and all summer, when winter items are on clearance. Once August hits, fall and winter items come out and prices go up. I’m a firm believer in never buying just seasonal items.

Socks: I love wearing thick, cozy socks under my boots. Pull the top of the sock a few inches above the top of  your boot. Scrunch the socks a bit for a fun, cozy look.


Where to buy boot socks: I get mine at sporting goods stores and Walmart. Target also carries them. You can get them in a variety of colors and patterns.
Staying warm when outside in the winter is crucial. You don’t want to get sick, or sit inside wet and cold.


Stay Sweet,


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Flower Hair Clips!

Here and there, I’d seen girls of all ages wearing flowers in their hair. I thought it was cute, but my thoughts never went beyond that – until a friend of mine started making them.

Whitney started making flower hair clips on a whim. She posted a few photos to Facebook and I immediately fell in love with them and ordered a few. When I went to her house to pick them up, I got to see first hand her newest creations and what she planned on making in the future. We struck up a friendship, and I continued to buy her clips. In a little over a week, I’d bought nearly 40 clips from her in all different colors and styles. My friends started buying from her and making requests. It seemed that flower hair clips were taking off again!

After posting a few times on my Facebook page about my new obsession, Rhett followers began to share their love of these cool clips. This blog is dedicated to everyone that submitted photos for the blog, and to everyone else that loves flower clips.

How To Wear Flower Clips:

When you are feeling gloomy, icky or just not right, clip in a flower. It will brighten your mood and make you feel a lot better. I always match my clip to my outfit. Here is an example:

I loved the Miami Green, the color of my pumps. I found a dress to match, and then matched the jewelry to the shoes. I had a pretty little fuschia flower clip from Whitney that matched the fuschia in the dress perfectly, so I used it to tie the entire outfit together.

Flower clips can also put a little bit of color into a gloomy, rainy day.

Since I’m wearing black rain boots and a navy raincoat, I decided to go with a purple and yellow flower. It was cloudy and rainy, and the colors in the flower brightened the day up a bit.

I apologize for the sideways photos. Once again, they won’t flip. As you can see, I wear a flower with nearly every outfit. I also wear a flower for special photo shoots:

As I said earlier, many Rhett fans and followers love flower hair clips too.

Heather, wearing a flower by Whitney. Heather put her flower in the perfect place on her bun and is doing a fabulous job of showing off an effortless, chic look.

Lindsay and her adorable little girl wearing matching bows. Lindsay says that she has bows in every color! She matches her bow and her daughters bow daily with their outfits!

My beautiful sister in law, Molly. Molly wears flowers daily, and sometimes matches the color of her flower to her eye makeup. Molly is a very talented makeup artist.

Tania also makes flowers. Here she is matching her flower and her shirt. Her outfit is flowing very well!

Teresa is not only showing off a flower here, she is showing off an amazing contrast between her hair and her shirt. She definitely knows how to pull an outfit together!

Kids are also big fans of flower hair clips! Each photo used here was given to me by the parents of the children, and I have their permission to post the photos here.

Indyonah with one of her clips. She wears them to photo shoots. Her mom is Whitney from Flower Hair Clips by Whitney, and also my go-to for flower clips.

Here is Jennifer Rasey’s beautiful little girl in white. She’s also wearing a headband, which is also a big trend with the flower  clips.

Taytum, with a pink flower to match her shirt.

There is one fan that I am giving a separate section to. Her name is BreeAnne, and I consider her a flower clip extremist. She absolutely loves them and matches her clips to her outfits. When I asked fans for a photo of themselves, Bree sent me five. Thank you, Bree!

Notice in this photo that the family is all wearing the same colors. By doing this, the entire photo flows very well. Bree, you definitely know what you are doing!

Bree is obviously a proud mama. Her flower has an air of youth and innocence, but being black, it says that she’s an adult and a new mama.

Of the many roles we’ve seen Bree play in these photos, here is another one – fun friend. Their heads are touching, which says that they are very close and comfortable together. They’re dressed warm, so it must have been chilly out. The black flower in this photo is chic and makes her stand out in a crowd.

Curled hair with a white flower and sparkly hoops. A perfect combination!

Her yellow shirt and yellow flower look like they came as a set!

Another fan, MacKenzie, responded with several photos. She used her flower clips for a very special day – her wedding day. MacKenzie is a newlywed and was married on August 20th, 2011.

I love the flower in her hair. It gives off an air of romance and love. You look beautiful, MacKenzie!

Thank you to everyone that participated in this blog. I absolutely love including the readers and followers in what I do. After all, Rhett’s wouldn’t be anything without all of you!

Stay Sweet,


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Request: Shoes For Women With Wide Feet!

When on the hunt for a pair of shoes, there is nothing worse than falling in love with a pair and finding out they don’t fit. That happens a lot to women with wide feet. Buying shoes online is out of the question. Even if they say they are made for wide feet, there is still a chance they won’t fit. After much research, I’ve come up with brands, and stores that sell them, that are wide feet friendly and get good reviews. The bottom half of this blog will have information on where to find extra wide shoes.


Famous Footwear:

Lifestride – heels, boots, and flats.

Aerosoles – heels, flats boots, and wedges.

Bass – casual and flat sandals.

Rockport – heels, flats, boots, and casual.

Sketchers – casual

JC Penny:

St. John’s Bay – heels, flats and boots

a.n.a – heels, flats

Worthington – heels

Hush Puppies – heels, flats,casual and boots

East5th – heels, flats, boots,  and casual


Aerosoles – dress, casual, flats, boots, wedges and heels

Oomphies by LAMO – espadrilles

Trusol Tara – boots


I Love Comfort – dress, flats, heels,

Covington – heels, boots

Apostrophe – heels, boots

Trends – heels

Melrose – heels, flats, wedges,

Annie – heels, sandals, flats,dress,

Aerosoles – wedges, heels, dress

Touch Up’s – heels, dress, sandals

SM New York – boots,

Daniel Green – comfort, flats


Famous Footwear:

Bass – casual and flat sandals

Sketchers – casual

JC Penny:

Sketchers – casual

Easy Spirit – dress casual


Annie – heels, flats, dress, sandals, boots

Daniel Green – dress, heels, flats,

Trotters – heels, dress, sandals, flats


I hope this helps everyone out there with wide width feet. This research wasn’t easy, and I can just imagine what it’s like when you are searching for shoes.


Stay Sweet,


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How To Wear Rain Boots!

Where I live, fall is a very wet season. It rains, it gets muddy, leaves fall and stay wet… and then it snows. We then have slush, but it’s still semi-warm outside. I’m talking about the good ol’ state of Wisconsin. Spring is also a very wet season. Snow is melting, rain is falling, there is mud and slush from melting ice. We don’t want to ruin cute shoes by walking around in that mess. What is the answer? Rain boots!

It took me months to finally get my rain boots. I’m very picky, and wanted boots with trees on them. Don’t ask me why, even I don’t know why. I just had to have boots with trees. I finally found my Sporto boots on endless.com. I couldn’t believe my eyes – black boots, with sliver trees, and they were fleece lined! I’m always freezing, so fleece lined  is perfect for me, even when it’s 90 degrees out. They were on sale for $40, originally $70. I just had to have them, so I ordered them right away.



The Do’s of wearing rain boots:

– If you only have one pair, make sure it has a pattern or color that you love and won’t mind wearing with most of your outfits.

– Dress up rain boots with fun, bright accessories, like a flower in your hair, like I did.

– Add in a fun rain jacket, for a cool rainy day look.

-Wear them over your pants. It will protect the bottoms of your jeans. Torn out bottoms are not fashionable or stylish.


The Don’t of wearing rain boots:

– Rain boots are not cowboy boots. Don’t wear them with the cowgirl look unless you are actually going to be in the mud.

– Avoid wearing rain boots with short shorts and tiny tank tops or tube tops. I understand it’s hot out, but the rain cools everything down by several degrees. If you are going to wear a tiny top, pair it with jeans.

– Rain boots are meant for wet weather or for muddy situations. If it’s sunny out and there is no chance of rain, leave the rain boots at home. The exception is if you will be in a muddy situation.


Stay Sweet,


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Mona Lisa On A Chain!

While going through jewelry with my mom, we came across this locket – Mona Lisa. I immediately fell in love with it and had to have it. Here are two very different outfits that I wore Mona Lisa On A Chain with.


Day 1:


Day 2:



What do you all think of the Mona Lisa?


Stay Sweet,


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Trend Report: Tribal Print!

This fall, tribal inspired prints are huge. Tribal jewelry and accessories are also making their mark. I recently bought my first tribal inspired shirt from Forever 21 for $17.80. It’s my new favorite shirt.

Tips for wearing tribal prints:

– Go bold.

– Wear a busy top with a neutral bottom, and vice versa.

– Look for bright colored pieces

– For fall, wear tights and wedges

– Don’t wear a tribal necklace with a tribal clothing piece. Mix it up and add in a floral necklace, or a funky necklace and bracelet.


This necklace is made out of a brooch and an old chain. I’m not one for wearing brooches, but when you put an old chain through them, it gives them new life.

Here are a few other tribal inspired pieces that I love:

Delia’s, $16.50

Forever 21, $15.80

Forever 21, $19.80

Wet Seal, $13.99

Wet Seal, $21.80

Wet Seal, $19.50

Wet Seal, $18.99


I will be looking for more things that are tribal inspired. What do you think of this trend?


Stay Sweet,


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Rhett has Mood Nails! (Review)

I was a pre-teen and early teen in the 90’s. I turned 13 in 1998, which was a time of mood rings, glow in the dark everything, and bright, obnoxious nails. My best friend Ashley and I would try all kinds of different nail polishes. We had a massive collection and always had different colors on our nails. The new nail crazes are a cool nod to the 90’s, and a fun flashback for me!

A few days ago, my husband came home and said that a girl he works with was showing him her Mood nail polish. He wanted me to try it out and review it, so on a recent shopping trip, we went to Claire’s and he picked out two different colors for me to try. They were $5 a piece, and buy one, get one half off.

One of my diseases causes me to shake, so my nails are a bit messy. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis, osteo-arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis, so don’t mind my hands and feet please.

I didn’t use a top coat (I ran out).

I painted three coats on my hands and two on my feet. The polish dries extremely fast – by the time I was done painting my pinky, my thumb was completely dry. It painted on as the color you see in the photo. After all the coats were dry, I ran my hand under cold water to see what the polish would do. It turned dark purple. As I type this, I’m sitting in air conditioning and my hands are freezing. My nails are dark purple. Outside in the 80 degree temp, they turn back to the lighter blue seen above on my nails.

My toes are a very light purple right now. The are usually the pink that you see above. I’m not wearing shoes, so they are out in the open too.

Does this polish do what it says it will? Well, technically yes it does. It does change colors with your “mood” (temperature). It doesn’t change to the exact colors on the bottle – my hands are seriously freezing right now and my nails still aren’t the darkest color on the bottle. I can’t imagine my hands being any colder than they are right now.

One thing I noticed is that this polish chips off very fast. I haven’t done top coats the past few times I’ve painted my nails and those polishes didn’t chip as fast as these two did.

Would I recommend these polishes? Yes, but make sure you use a topcoat with them.

Stay Sweet,


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